Saturday, September 10, 2011

France vs Japan tonight.

It. Was. Awesome.

This is an example of how very organised we are in this household (Not).
We decided yesterday arvo that we were going to watch France-Japan. Frenchy booked the tickets, our friends Nad and Phil hopped onboard and Ang in AKL called to say she was in, this morning.
So we had everything sorted.
I was up at 7am (on a Saturday morning) to draw our banner, make some hairpieces, look for some ofus to wear and look for some fishnet stockings.
Aue kafefe e i le mala ua tele,
At 10am, I remembered something,...THE CHILDREN!
I forgot to arrange who to leave the children with. Bad mother! Penalty!
Thankfully, this is when my years of bailing others out came rushing back.
20 minutes later of frantic calls, I had Stella and co. ready to adopt MM for the weekend and for the rest of the day, I was fielding calls from friends and two aunties in AKL to take the neglected boy. Plus my darling friend JCH insisted we brough himon the way. At this point, I am grateful for having such amazing, loving people in our lives....especially on days like these, when I'm too busy glue-ing hairpieces and being the selfish cow that I, we can't all be Superwomen!
Anyhow, we dashed off at 2:45pm - arrived in Botany at 4:15, dropped off Tuif with Aunty An and off to Grey Lynn to pick up the supermodela.
2 minutes to her house, the fuggen cops pulls us over, and before he could lecture the driver, we told him we were in a rush, just write the infringment notice already and we'll be on our way.
I'm more convinced he stopped us coz it was a French frog driving, with a Bokk on the pax seat. That is a crime right now. hah!
anyway, i'm loading pix tomorrow, too tired.
But lets just say, that game 'atmosphere' was amazing. Everyone was in good spirits, singing, just good times. Indescribable. The stuff of legends (:
The end.
Manuia le Po.

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Anonymous said...

Photos looks great... Evidence of a great time - You've done it again Goddess!! Putting hairpieces together is nothing to you! Love your creativity!!