Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Samoa vs Wales *this is not about the rugby* post

...hmmmm, i really have little interest in talking about the game aye, I don't know why.
Its not really because we lost, or because Tasesa played for Wales or that Eliota got his panties in a twist or that Tuilagi didnt get much ball.
It's just that, well - its a bridge and get under it boys. lol.

But lets get onto the good things about the game:

1. The pride in both team supporters,...seeing my piece of shit town painted in vibrant island and welsh colours. Seeing my neighbours who don't even acknowledge me, come out in BLUE and RED to cheer my team and then giving me apple pie on Tuesday morning to say sorry we lost!!

2. The National Anthem that made me cry, because it was sooooooo beautiful. what a makagaga guy!

3. Seeing many people I have not seen in years, travelling from everywhere to cheer the team on.

4. Us gettin' more airtime than the team thanks to my 'ahem - loud' headgear.

5. Looking across the field and seeing 2 equally crazy large tuigas rocking from side to side - EVEN when Wales was winning, lol....go Chi Chi and Lisa! I burned my fingers for a good cause. Thank you.

6. Having the Pusalalau delegation grace us with their formidable presence. auuuuu Isa! lol

7. Knowing that for MOST of the players, they gave that game their all, and some more. And I am still proud of their determination.

8. Eh, that's enough! this positive shit is giving me a headache.

In other world news:
-Tuifiti has 3 teeth coming through all at once, so he has been a bit of a whinger like his father. Thank you Bonjela!
-MM was sick for 2 weeks, so she was on antibiotics that wasn't working, so Frenchy took her to A&E and got a stronger one, Curam - by next morning, her whole body had flared up and was reacting to the new thank god, we rushed back and get her off it, shes fine again. No more augmentin for missie here.
- Am back to work (only 3 days a week) next week and Tuif goes to same daycare as MM...I think ALL of my pay will go to his daycare costs....epic fail.

fa laia and FAAMALOSI MANU SAMOA!!!!
The moment the van pulled in and Hamilton was never the same,...welcoming them with a very fitting banner, haha
The Ladies and Hen before the game, ...kalofa e i gai kagaka behind them, lol
Lastly, Chi chi who we were able to see from across the field, and most likely visible from the Space it.

Finally a photo of ALL the 5 pusalalaus (lol) with their "hats" fai mai ai le palagi...and Hen's dead chicken. Photo belongs to Ulalei the bringcess of Europe. Thanks for the rental.
Once again, the tuigas made it onto some form of media, we were in 3 different parts of the field and yet we all got snapped out....seki a!


Coconut Girl said...

Haha love it...enough positive shit already. I swear I was glued to the TV and didn't see the tuigas OR any of your ugly faces the whole time. Shat. You really should start going commercial with those tuigas. Glad you all had fun...remind me to NOT be pregnant next time RWC is in NZ. Like next century.

perpetual-drifter said...

Tuff aka o le au divas, laus and pusalalaus!lol. Meanwhile back on the rock...we were all wishing we were there! :( Sending nothing but POSITIVE vibes for this weekend's game! #GoManu!
P.S. have added you on my page, loving the updates :)

Goddess said...

yes please Coco Girl. keep your legs together from here on...but ah, I might be the one knocked up next time, who knows! yeah, we were on the game screen heaps.

Thnks perpetual drifter,...kukusa a olua ma Nyds, sui so'o sui so'o lua pages se - but am loving havin u back!!! Go Manu!!!
missing the pusalalaus - gosh, my house has never been sooooo quiet!