Friday, September 30, 2011

Well done Manu Samoa!

wow - that game last night - was amazing.
who cares that we didn't win, we gave South Africa a run for their Bokke and my God.....Lemi, Lemi, are My Man! Faasavalu, Williams,...what the are all MY winners !!!!

Ua faafetai ua faafetai, ua malie mata i vaai, Manu Samoa, malo le tau o le taua.

Other priceless moments:
Habana dropping his nuts.

I also am sooooo impressed with the team at Digicel Samoa who pledged $7000 towards Tuilagi's mouthguard fine.
John Campbell raised the remainder in a sausage sizzle with NOSH supermarket, Ponsy, and people generously gave $20, $50, even $350 for a sausage., well, for Samoa.
Good stuff...Campbell is totally getting a matai title when he goes to Safotulafai, haha!

So yes, lots of winners but we all know who the LOSERS are in this tournament.
Those wankers at IRB.
And another to join them is the effing Ref - for some shoddy decisions and especially for red carding Williams....fai mai e a Michael Jones "That was just a gentle push" bahaha.

I reckon Samoa and every other nations who feels hard done by, BOYCOTTS the tournament next time.

Anyway, Malo Manu, malo le tapuai Samoa!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Thinking of you Nyds xx

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Conversations in this household

J:Whose the Tongan in the Canadian team?
F:No, hes in Japan, not Canada.
J:Oh...wipe the snot off the boys face,
F:NZ would wanna lose coz thats the easy way forward
J:Yeah, but they cant lose to a substandard French side.
F:Maeva go look after the boy
M:But Im hungry!
FJ: Cant you wait till halftime!!!!!
M:But Mom! I'm really really hungry!
...goes to the kitchen and helps herself to the kekesaiga.
F: Can you get me one too?
J: Wow - that controversial Samoan player is gay.
F: So, he's not the first. pass the kekesaiga please.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Samoa vs Wales *this is not about the rugby* post

...hmmmm, i really have little interest in talking about the game aye, I don't know why.
Its not really because we lost, or because Tasesa played for Wales or that Eliota got his panties in a twist or that Tuilagi didnt get much ball.
It's just that, well - its a bridge and get under it boys. lol.

But lets get onto the good things about the game:

1. The pride in both team supporters,...seeing my piece of shit town painted in vibrant island and welsh colours. Seeing my neighbours who don't even acknowledge me, come out in BLUE and RED to cheer my team and then giving me apple pie on Tuesday morning to say sorry we lost!!

2. The National Anthem that made me cry, because it was sooooooo beautiful. what a makagaga guy!

3. Seeing many people I have not seen in years, travelling from everywhere to cheer the team on.

4. Us gettin' more airtime than the team thanks to my 'ahem - loud' headgear.

5. Looking across the field and seeing 2 equally crazy large tuigas rocking from side to side - EVEN when Wales was winning, lol....go Chi Chi and Lisa! I burned my fingers for a good cause. Thank you.

6. Having the Pusalalau delegation grace us with their formidable presence. auuuuu Isa! lol

7. Knowing that for MOST of the players, they gave that game their all, and some more. And I am still proud of their determination.

8. Eh, that's enough! this positive shit is giving me a headache.

In other world news:
-Tuifiti has 3 teeth coming through all at once, so he has been a bit of a whinger like his father. Thank you Bonjela!
-MM was sick for 2 weeks, so she was on antibiotics that wasn't working, so Frenchy took her to A&E and got a stronger one, Curam - by next morning, her whole body had flared up and was reacting to the new thank god, we rushed back and get her off it, shes fine again. No more augmentin for missie here.
- Am back to work (only 3 days a week) next week and Tuif goes to same daycare as MM...I think ALL of my pay will go to his daycare costs....epic fail.

fa laia and FAAMALOSI MANU SAMOA!!!!
The moment the van pulled in and Hamilton was never the same,...welcoming them with a very fitting banner, haha
The Ladies and Hen before the game, ...kalofa e i gai kagaka behind them, lol
Lastly, Chi chi who we were able to see from across the field, and most likely visible from the Space it.

Finally a photo of ALL the 5 pusalalaus (lol) with their "hats" fai mai ai le palagi...and Hen's dead chicken. Photo belongs to Ulalei the bringcess of Europe. Thanks for the rental.
Once again, the tuigas made it onto some form of media, we were in 3 different parts of the field and yet we all got snapped out....seki a!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Samoa Namibia and trip to Rotovegas and back

Amazing atmosphere.
Great way to start the tournament.
Samoans from all over NZ converged in Rotorua and my God, what a wonderful feeling.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Telesa, The Convenant Keeper...a MUST READ!

Today is the online launch of Lani Wendt-Young's book, Telesā: The Covenant Keeper.

A Young Adult urban fantasy romance set in modern day Samoa that draws on the legends of teine Sa (but with a huge amount of creative license and imagination.) It's a novel filled with action, intrigue, elements of the supernatural and some romance thrown in for good measure. It's available for electronic download in a variety of formats from two online bookstores, Smashwords  and Amazon  priced at $5.99. The print copy of the book will be launched in Samoa in October and will also be available for purchase via

You can download the first few chapters of the book as a free sample from either online bookstore.
You can read more about Lani's amazing writing and the Telesa book at her blog:
More updates can also be found on Facebook and Twitter

France vs Japan tonight.

It. Was. Awesome.

This is an example of how very organised we are in this household (Not).
We decided yesterday arvo that we were going to watch France-Japan. Frenchy booked the tickets, our friends Nad and Phil hopped onboard and Ang in AKL called to say she was in, this morning.
So we had everything sorted.
I was up at 7am (on a Saturday morning) to draw our banner, make some hairpieces, look for some ofus to wear and look for some fishnet stockings.
Aue kafefe e i le mala ua tele,
At 10am, I remembered something,...THE CHILDREN!
I forgot to arrange who to leave the children with. Bad mother! Penalty!
Thankfully, this is when my years of bailing others out came rushing back.
20 minutes later of frantic calls, I had Stella and co. ready to adopt MM for the weekend and for the rest of the day, I was fielding calls from friends and two aunties in AKL to take the neglected boy. Plus my darling friend JCH insisted we brough himon the way. At this point, I am grateful for having such amazing, loving people in our lives....especially on days like these, when I'm too busy glue-ing hairpieces and being the selfish cow that I, we can't all be Superwomen!
Anyhow, we dashed off at 2:45pm - arrived in Botany at 4:15, dropped off Tuif with Aunty An and off to Grey Lynn to pick up the supermodela.
2 minutes to her house, the fuggen cops pulls us over, and before he could lecture the driver, we told him we were in a rush, just write the infringment notice already and we'll be on our way.
I'm more convinced he stopped us coz it was a French frog driving, with a Bokk on the pax seat. That is a crime right now. hah!
anyway, i'm loading pix tomorrow, too tired.
But lets just say, that game 'atmosphere' was amazing. Everyone was in good spirits, singing, just good times. Indescribable. The stuff of legends (:
The end.
Manuia le Po.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

The RSE scheme, the real unedited version.

So Nyds just posted a song about a real life experience of an RSEr...or rather, the RSEr's partner...hilarious stuff!...the stuff you wont find in ANY report, choohooo!

Check it out

last shots of the holiday before i forget about it altogether

She doesn't remember the Eiffle tower much, just the playground next to it, of course

Yup, she gets her clownface from somewhere
Am I pricking my finger yet? Now? ...On the way to Eiffle Tower

Faaleaga aka o le moimimi lea!

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

O le Tulafale, The Orator

I know its rugby epidemic right now, but if you live in New Zealand, then I strongly suggest you save this date:

6th October to watch 'The Orator, O le Tulafale' by Tusi Tamasese (and may I name drop and fia falealili fua right over here and say...he is a Waikato graduate :-)

Now, now, IF you don't live in NZ or perhaps you do and you are about to email me asking for a copy of the DVD, may I direct you to the newly introduced copyrights laws in your country, lol.
This is not Broken Promises B grade so to speak.
This is a world class film, recently screened at the Venice Film definitely NO to gettin' a DVD from your custen brada's nephews sister's second custen.

If this doen't make your spine tingle, then I don't know what will....maybe a late tackle?
Manuia faasausauga o le afiafi (:

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Miss Samoa whaa?

eh...Miss Samoa pageant, forgot all about it, thanks to the rugby epidemic.
sadly, only 6 girls competing again....organisers need to recruit more girls in future to make it interesting.
Link to Miss Samoa Pageant hardly updated website

And as for Miss Samoa NZ not participating...oh puhlease...organisers -I don't understand why they're asking to be treated different and be hoisted on a 'spethial' pedestal in message is this: "Focus on getting respect from the Samoan community in NZ before jumping to Samoa and wanting a separate kaavale keukeu....get the girl to have more involvement IN NZ and grow the pageant so that it includes the rest of NZ, not just,...anyway, all the best everybody!
And the never updated Miss Samoa NZ page