Saturday, August 20, 2011

leaving my bebe behind

We left the Tuif with the outlaws in Serre Chevalier.
Then we hopped in TOLT's car and drove to Austria, with a stop in Milano.
That was straight foward enough. Right?
I gave my sleeping boy a quiet kiss in the early morning....then 20 minutes later, while we passed by Briancon, I saw a baby in the next car and I just bursted into tears...really really badly. How fecking selfish am I to leave my son like this?! Anything could happen ): and then MM woke up and cried too....for no reason at all.
Argh - I wanted to turn around and take him with us....but Frenchy insisted we continued.
Thankfully Mayoune texted us to say he was fine, smashing the full bottle and very happy.
It was only then that I could really enjoy myself, but it just felt awkward not having my little man attached to my hip, or my tit for that matter.

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Anonymous said...

I am Bebe-Less but I know you would be miserable without him. Every photo I see, you are holding him... so it must be different without him! But Good thing for sure, He is in good hands!
Safe Travels!