Monday, August 15, 2011

Last Night in the Alps.

Last night then we are off to Austria, going through Italy tomorrow.
Its been an amazingly refreshing 10 days here, for us big people and especially for the children of the forest. heh.
Each day has been an adventure. Into the nearby lakes, rivers, fields, villages, villas and everything else.
The food has been a highligh for me, and my muffin tops will attest to that.
Like all well-meaning french people, they don't muck around with their meals....its a time to shut down anything work related and focus, drink and good company.
every day.
I'm loving this place all over again.
On a sad note, we are leaving the youngest member of the traveling party with the TORT while we do the trip becuase its a bit much for the poor wee man.
We'll miss our boy but it'll only be a few days!
....k, gonna get back to my google researchng of milan and finding outlet bargains....soooo helpe me Godde..puhleeasuh!


Anonymous said...

Sounds divine! Enjoy the rest of the trip Becerras!

Ali said...

My internet quest for a cocoa rice recipe brought me here. Your posts have provided me with some much-needed laughs here in VA and I kept thinking I was going to come across a photo of at least one of my relatives in Samoa. I'll make it there the meantime, I'll live vicariously through your blog.

Goddess said...

thanks Ali, gonna try the choc fudge brownies, i'm going hungry just looking at the pics! anyhow, i copy the samoan recipes from this awesome blog
along with panipopo, suafai, alaisa faapopo etc....have fun!