Thursday, August 25, 2011

The kaea parts

Seeing how many hate messages i am getting from my loving family and friends because i am on holiday, I thought that tonight's post will be about the arsey bits that you never get to read or see in photographic momentos/facebook, coconut wireless etc.
We are 4 people with different interests and physical abilities,
Me- lazylaid back, likes food, shopping (with some& savignon blanc, prefers to plan ahead.
Frenchy-Sporty, likes adventure, plans on the day, 'we'll be right' attitude.
MM-only interested in playgrounds and not thrilled about walking. Fights with Frenchy a lot.
Le Tuif: oi kafefe, we forgot to feed him! Laid back baby who likes his pacifier and gets bullied by MM.

Those above things make just a walk down the road a fascinating french movie where everyone wants to kill off all the other characters, including themselves.

EG: This morning, Frenchy wanted to go to the Eiffle Tower to show MM.
We have done this several times already (and its littered with tourists and hawkers), so I suggested we go to Galleria Laffayette (lol) and then a carousel for the primadonna at the Luxembourg Gardens then 10 minutes walk back to hotel.
But no, Frenchy insisted.
So we walked to the Eiffle Tower. I stopped him and showed him the fecking tower in the 'far' distance and suggested taking the Metro there....but no, he insisted we walked, him, MM and the baby in the cheap travel stroller we bought at Carrefour...dude, it was a friggin' long walk in the hot sun.
Then he got angry at MM for being a whinger....i mean, how ungrateful of her to whine when she is getting the chance to walk 1.5 hours in the heat to that strange structure.
We made it in the end, with lots of fallouts in between.
Thankfully, there are large playgrounds all around Paris, and really good safe ones near the Tower. I parked the stroller in the shade, started eating while Frenchy and MM head off to play. Next moment, she runs back "Fia pi!!" I tell Frenchy the toilets are walk across the park (5 minutesish) and while i focus on my rock melon...i see them back at the swings. I called out to MM if she went and she casually 'yelled' back, "Papa said the toilet is too far, so i peed in the bushes"
nevermind that all the people around us are giving us unfriendly glances.

And if that glimpse into the shitty part of this trip isn't enough, I am happy to tell you more...
- Like 15 hours in traffic from Verona to Genoa
- Having to wash your kids clothes in other peoples homes, wash basins, buckets et during the trip because you forgot their gear in Marseille.
- Being under the same roof as your TOLT (Tina o le tamaloa) who  tends to 'own' your baby when he's smilin and then 'Pass the Ball' back when it screams.
- Most of all, the shittiest part is that all this is coming to an end and soon we will be on a loooooong 26 hours flight (with a pathetic 1 hour stop in Seoul) home, with my Frenchy, MM and baby screaming for a feed.

Yup, the grass is not always greener on the other side (:


Anonymous said...

Oi aue! Look at the brighter side - You have taken that 1.5hr walk with the stroller = great workout! It would be boring without Maeva and Frenchie and all that Faa-ku-in-the-bushes!!!

Enjoy the Rest of the Trip and Have a Safe Flight back Home!

its just moi said...

hahahaha.... funny I think its a testosterone thing that guys like the 'we'll be ok ' plan (Blady hell) and then the- growls and frustration when it doesnt go the way they airy fairy thought it would and we women are like- oh derr...did I not mention a more workable (intelligent) plan that you just decided to wipe off as 'over constructive overuptight over everything' and just do things your way??yeaa well now what!! anyways- still sounds glorious to me even with a touch of local pee in the bushes habits in there hahah!!xoxo

Teine Samoa said...

And still I suspect noone is feeling sorry for you! LOL! Safe travels or as the french say 'bon voyage'- we have now exhausted my french vocabulary!!

punkt A said...

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