Saturday, August 06, 2011

the holiday so far...

Last week was an adventure in itself, with plenty of island flavours converged in the South of Falagi for the Inargural Samoa Women's Convention on the Rights of the Manu Samoa's RWC campaign strategy..really, just go to Ulalei's blog for the outcomes of this Convention, heh.
Oh, and my bestie from uni, Kav was a guest presenter at this meeting.

At Notre Dame de la Garde...(but Pai had to return to work and Mele had to prep for another trip)

 Welcoming the Shuffling Fijian at St Charles....Marseille is never the same after her arrival, (:

 Every now and then, I remembered the children

 Aside from the breeeediful keo, this is the few moments when we had  Geneva decorations, thankz Ulalei

 VIP Corner...auuuuuu, Isa!

First Lunch at Nani's

 the panipopos from Madam Nets of DXB...made with love and prenty coconut cream

 A healthy Samoan lunch, Siufaga Gourmet Sapasui and Arice, with coke. very Samoan indeed.

One more day in Marseille before we head off to Serre Chevalier for 8 days and then off to Austria.
We are gonna drive to Milan, have a lookie around and onto Mondsee - we're leaving Tuifiti with Nani Jacqui and take MMoelagi this time.
Speaking of Tuif, he is now on the bottle - two feeds per day from my expressed goodness and two from modicre formula. This is to prepare him for the separation while we kaakaa to Italy/Austria.
He prefers Mama's milk, because he told me himself....(yeah coz my 6 month old now talks and cooks for himself, right-:o).


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