Sunday, August 28, 2011

Fly away home

We are home.
26 hours later and we still have two children and I have not strangled either.
In fact, they were A.Mazing.
Paris to Seoul was a dream!
The boy only woke up from his bassinet to play, pee and get slapped accidently in the face by MM but otherwise, he was an amazing traveller...smiling, and happily downing his milk, both from the source and formula.
I am totally not adopting him out now.
MM was simply glued to the cartoons, games and whatever other kiddie gadgets provided by Korean Airlines.
From Seoul to Auckland, Tuif decided it was a bit uneventful being a two shoes goodie goodie angel. He spat the dummy (really) and stayed awake for 3 hours. Otherwise, he was good. Nothing Pamol couldn't handle....and if it was gonna get worse, I had Phenegan, Weleda teething powder and Magasia on standby.
As we descended into cold, dreary Auckland, I couldn't help but feel contempt for this cold place.
What we were doing here anyway?
Both our families are in way warmer sunny places...what the fuck are we doing here???
And just to drag me deeper into my post-holiday blues depressive disorder, we drive past Manukau and all I was seeing wee people in trackpants and jandals...c'mon people, dress up for f*cks sake!!?
But then....we were home...where the neglected garden has spawled a life of its own, strewn with dead leaves, coarse grass and cat shit dotting the sandpit.
The orange tree had born fruit that nobody bothered to pick and now rotting in the damn untended soil.
The house was icy cold. But only for a few minutes while we churned the heat pump on tropical heat and turn on the water heater. Slowly, but calmly, we were getting back into home mode.
Our own place in this world.
Our own pillows, towels, and washing to fold trusty couch.
Okay, maybe the internet has been disconnected, and the bread has gotten past mouldy and is now a living and thriving bacterial united nations...but my God, isn't it good to make your own bed and lie in it too.
Home sweet home.


Lani Wendt Young said...

Welcome baaaack! at least u missd the brief flirtation with snow that we had a few weeks ago. Ugh. Your children deserve medals and illegal amounts of mcdonalds for being such great travellers. Dnt forget to email me yr address so i can send u yr gift pack thing. (CGirl had her eyes on it...)

Anonymous said...

Malo Malaga!Good to hear you made it over safe and the flight with the kids was bearable!
Alofa atu!

Goddess said...

thanks Lani!!! yes, i email u now with my address and questions for you (: were good, now its back to reality. cold!
alofas and good luck with the book launch...and certain your samoan publicist Mr Tunupopo will make sure its the best thing to hit samoa since the ummm...last book,. heh