Sunday, August 07, 2011

Boob Job

For the last few weeks, we (me, Frenchy and the TIna O le Tamaloa, now called Tolt) have been working towards weaning my son off my amazing breastmilk.
(Sorry latecomers, this blogger is usually overdozed with overconfidence :)
This is so that we could travel without Tuifiti.
It all sounds simple but it is not.
The boy was adamant that his mama's supply is best (smart kid i tell ya!)
At the same time, we are moving around a lot, kaa kaa solo a lot and not much time to fully do a routine.
Last week, as I laid in bed at 3am breastfeeding him discreetly, I realised dragging my boy through Milan-Mondsee and back was going to ruin my holiday experience.
So I decided to commit to the bottle challenge.
Each time he was due for a feed, I expressed and stored in the fridge.
Frenchy or Tolt were then able to give him the bottle.
All went well, he is now able to latch correctly and all in regular periods.
Last nite, we went to my samoan friend here, along with my bag of sterilisers, breast pumps, tubs of milk, suckers and all thngs milky.
Frenhy wnt to watch Mrseille vs Schaux  - and get high with his rugby mates like back in 1963, lol.
Anyhow, as I am sitting in my friend's house, the Tuif cries.
My natural instinct takes over and I flip out my right, to which the Tuif immediately suctions.
I only click AFTER the feed that I should'a given him the bottle. But ah well. Too bad.
Now he is well used to the bottle, I feel a bit sad, I tell the Tolt this evening that the night feed will be from the source.
She shakes her head disgustedly and I walk off uncaringly.
I am NOT prepared to surrender my breastfeeding time with my boy. I can't explain it properly but I love the connection we have and therefore, I will resume milk production from here on.
Thank you for your coming.
manuia le vaiaso


Malelega said...

yeah tsk tsk, it's either you let go or don't lady. You're teasing poor Tuifiti now. I think MIL's are the best breast-feeding breakers cos they either really want you to be free and have a break from failele-ness or they can't wait to get that little cutie all to themselves without needing you..I prefer to believe the former...auuu ku'u ia le kama i le lo'omatua. See u soon. heh

Teine Samoa said...

I am totally with you Goddess. Feeding my 5 month old still hurts (who knows why) but I treasure that time together. I love this physical connection with him, his need to susu and my need to susu him, collapsing into each other. And though I often think that theoretically it would be great to get out without him just once in a while, I know it's going to be heartbreaking when he weans.

Betty said...

and I must say from experience that you both flop out in style...and in the famous words of the shuffler "OMG they are leaking!!!" :-)