Friday, July 15, 2011

Winning but I can't comment!

I just spent ages commenting on Sleepless' blog...AGAIN, and nothing works!!!! c'mon blogger!
anyhow, just wanted to say,....I won her competition (2 winners but really I'm
 THE real winner, i bet the other was a consolation
Thank you Lani Wendt Young,...i am looking forward to the COCONUT QUEEN INDULGENT SET fit for a Goddess...chooohooooo!!

The only reason I'm looking forward to returning home....Faafetai lava!!!

ps, can you please hold onto it till Aug when I'm back, and please feel free to throw in some cookies lying qround, heh:


Coconut Girl said...

There are no comments on that particular post by Sleepless about you winning. And you know why? Because we are all seething with out of all people who probably has a hundred of the darn things, just won another one...when it should be awarded to the needy - like myself, who uses my one and only Pure Fiji oil sparingly - one drop a month. Lol.

Lani Wendt Young said...

HIya Goddess - we need to throw rotten bananas at the Blogger people because i couldnt even comment on my own blaady blog just now! aaaargh!. Yes of course i will hold on to your delicious prize and even throw in some super choc chip cookies! (as long as u promise to blog heaps about your trip in France and etc becasue I never travel anywhere so i have to live vicariously through all you bloggers that are sooooooo lucky and fly everywhere!)