Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Spent the day in Cuers today with the usual suspects,.
Kids had loads of fun climbing trees, playing petangue, dirtying clothes, near drowning each other, watering plants and fighting each other in the dust while playing petangue.
Eh, ka'i kele.
This visit reminded me of my crazy awesome preediful 3 siblings CJ, Mex and Leigh who were here with Hilary last time. Sob, I miss them. For about 30 seconds then I went back to my yummy melon.
I was looking forward to Mex and Tau coming as well this time round but they're now staying back ): ): ):
We'll see each other soon enough I'm sure.

I was selfishly hoping Mex and Tau would come so someone else would be answering the gazillion questions about the members of my family these guys have met before. I have break it to MM in the morning that her fight club cousin isn't coming now ):

so heres some pics of Cuers for you guys who went there last time, and for the others to know what im korero'ing about:

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