Saturday, July 16, 2011

Body Shock

Coming from the busy metropolitan city of Lalomalava, baring your shoulders in public is a despicable act.
So much that our falekua will stand you up in front of the 300 sunday schoolers and accuse you of having impure thoughts about boys and their ding dongs.
Even before you started thinking about ding dongs.
Then, there's more.
She will use "you" as an example to the 300 sunday schoolers of a girl with impure thoughts about boys and their ding dongs.
"Ia, vaai ia Fotu ua ova le tautalaititi ma le fa'aalialiina o tauau i le falesa! Oka! Ua alu tele lona mafaufau i tama la e feoai solo i le auala...auuuu, Isa!"
Frankly, it didn't bother me.
It made me tick sometimes, especially when church was a wonderful catwalk to showcase ones gorgeous dress (right after the kakalo amaka, when everyone was seated, pugi laia).
It even made me want to rebel because I was a piece of crap like that as a teenager. (moment of truth).
I decided being stood up in front of the aoga asosa was okay (more engaged audience) and being used as an example was fine (setting the fashion standards auuu, ufa!) 
I didn't care then, I dont care now.
At the end of the day, clothes don't define me, ....but my God, doesn't it just lift ones spirit!
...and so, you may ask, why am I talking about this shit now?
well, because i wanted a prelude to my blog entry today, but as usual, I got completely sidetracked.
So let's start afresh.

Tits and All
We're in the South of France. I accept that. Its hot, dry and the beach is a relaxing place to be. But there is no, no, no place for a woman of 72 to bare her leathery wringled remains of breasts for the world to see. No. Way. Jose.
It took me 3 visits to the beach to get used to this again...women freely hanging their homeware like its nothing. I know, I'm a museum artifact like that, I like my breasts covered, hidden, packed and sometimes grilled, but no to boobfest in the sand. Please.
Which brings me to another 'body shock'.
My koa2's momma had a new padu'i. E sau mai le North o Falagi. E fai siga lapo'a o le mayjar.
Well, every mornng since he's been here, e ala a'e i le taeao, savali mai i fafo o le la poku ma le underwear.
WTF....this is NEVER acceptable unless you are really really schexy.
Now I am tempted to say "Isa!"

k, photos to come......this century.


ulalei said...

*yawns* welcome to Europe. I was expecting you to say he walked out buttnaked but you're lucky he wore his undies... too funny!

Manuolevaveao said...

I can always count on you for a good laugh lol....malo le fa'afiafia.