Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Good on you PaperPlus and the Warehouse

...For banning the sale of the book by the Kahui twin's mother, Maxina King.
Good on you Paperplus and Warehouse for acting morally, ethically and respecting the rights of every child born in this country and every victim of domestic violence.
Ian Whistal or whatever the author is called, should be ashamed of himself for wasting time telling a story of a bunch of idiots who let two precious babies suffer.
I know there are two sides to a story - and their side is this:
They failed to protect their children and they did not get punished. End of story.
The only book I want to read about this case is that the parents of the Kahui twins got their butts kicked.
sorry, am a bit violent today - steer clear.


Lani Wendt Young said...

Amen. Violently and emphatically. Amen.

Goddess said...

isn't it sickening? its glorifying this irresponsible people when they should be reprimanded! i hope whitcoulls follows suit and bans this too!

Coconut Girl said...

Agree! Even all the way out here in the wop wops where we physically abuse our children like nobody's business, the Kahui case is horrific and appalling and the parents should be stoned to death. And as for the dumbass who wrote the book, makua ova le fia fai kupe o le pogaua.