Friday, June 24, 2011

the bad habits shes picked up

The 2 weeks in Samoa may have been fun but we brought home a nagging, irritating bug called Maeva Moelagi.
What a piece of shit work.

Before we left, she ate with a fork, ate all her food, and asked to leave the table.
Now, she eats with her fingers, is picky with her meal and walks off midmeal.
When I tell her off, she talks back "at" me.
A la "guku oso" style that is should be met with a salafa on the cheek.
But we are choosing to deal with it intelligibly. (one hopes haha).

Despite the cold, she insists she is too cool for shoes.

When I asked her if she cleaned up her toys this morning, her response was:
"Yeahrrrr, laterrrrz".
Again, a salapa would be easier but I'm being sensible about it.
Watch this space, hehe.

She spent much of her time in Samoa with her cousin Tauilagi, fighting, wrestling, playing, fighting again and hating on each other.
In a good way, she had toughened up a little. She is fighting back, whereas before, she used to come running to me crying.
But now I worry she will take her fighting spirit to kindy, who has a strict NO HITTING, NO SNATCHING, NO RAISING VOICE, NO MEAN WORDS. oh Lawd, she can do all that from her Samoa feels like we have to re-educate her all over again.

Overall, the trip reminded me of the things my children are not always exposed to:
Her million fun loving cousins, the joy of playing under trees and seeing bugs on the walls and tuataras (pili moo really) on the ceiling, the adoration from her Granma, the care from whatever adult is available to look after her, the endless supply of nieces who can babysit for $10 a night, the possibility of leaving them with a relation and not worry a bit, the option of letting her eat whatever and whenever because her papa is not there to supervise and most of all, the closeness of family and the comfort of home. Ahhh, I miss home.

 the sparring partners in Nana Sue's car
 Tauilagi arriving from Oman
 Taking 5 seconds off their argument to pose, at Lalovaea
 Their favourite comment of the holiday "Go Away!"
  Being fia bringcessa with Petra after the wedding in kuam.

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Lani Wendt Young said...

What gorgeous children - Love that "their fave comment go Away!" Lots of cousins and loving family to spoil our children - what a blessing. (except of course when we have to deal with their spoiltness ...)