Tuesday, June 28, 2011

babysitters are like manna

During our Samoa trip, I scored myself a Dream babysitter.
But there were  hurdles before that happened.
Initially, CJ's employee had a cousin who was meant to help me, but she bailed, in good ureliable Samoan fashion.
Then my relative in Savaii, who I initially asked, procrastinated, kuluku's and lied and on the 11th hour, she decided not to hop on the 4pm ferry to come meet us at the airport.
Again, did I mention, our well known unreliable Samoan attitude?
Just click on a few of Coconut Girl's blog to understand the seriousness of this ailment.
Anyhow, thanks to CJ, she managed to find that her employee, whose cousin bailed, had a cousin who was staying home in Vailima and willing to babysit for me.
On the first day, I told her the routine, feed times, sleep, baby likes, dislikes, clothes, etc...(basically, raise my boy, i'm going to the pub, i shall be some tyme).
She was amazing!!!
I hardly had to tell her anything. She took initiative, connected wth my child, was helpful with everything else that was happening (NOT related to the babysitting) and I totally had a ball because ST was in good hands.
At the end of the trip, (esp during the wedding), she was getting offers from the other parents there, expats mostly.
But at this point, I realise this girl is made for greater things, she'll be wasting her skills on babysitting.
..so anyone wanting to employ someone reliable, hardworking, self starter who takes initiative and can be trusted, speaks English,.. lemme know.
I know someone just like that!

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Coconut Girl said...

Yes she WAS a dream babysitter wasn't she...especially the night of the wedding when the mother of that poor white baby was totally oblivious to her child bahaha and ua alu le po o siisii e si keige. But glad you found her, made your trip so much easier and more enjoyable didn't it? Btw I have a new one...it's been 3 weeks...I'm not going to blink with this one lol.