Sunday, May 22, 2011

A sob story from a Pacific journalist

I absolutely love reading the articles on Sunday Samoan, mainly because its a bit better than usual...and mainly copied from other news agencies, so i don't need to seach elsewhere for a good read.
and every now and then, Sano chucks in a beauty.

But, I came across this one, called My story, my life about a journalist called Marc Neil-Jones.
He has been apparently subjected to to prenty prenty of abuses because of his stories, in Vanuatu. Anyhow, I was emphathising with the guy because of all that he's endured,..(what a media hero!) but halfway through, i was sidetracked by his pervesion.
Dude, the man likes women.
A lot.
Naked women, women doing lap dances, sexy women,,,argh,...pervert...I dislike the fakka already.
And looking at his pic, he does look like a perv.
...which brings me to one of my favourite issues, Freedom of Speech.
I'm all for it, but sometimes, I feel that journalists absolutely abuse this and then some more. Many a time, particularly in Samoa, there is absolute disregard in their attitude and i think sometimes, they deserve to get knocked off their perch once in a while...but not by physical violence, but by telling them that the sun doesn't shine outta their ass.
Have a non-perve day people.

Discaimer: This is NOT in any way or form related to that relation on mine. Don't send her hate mail because of my blabberings thanks. 

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