Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Run, run, the sky is falling...

There was Christchurch, then Japan, the freakish weather up and down the country, American snowstorms, Queensland floods..what is this world coming to?

Up until last week, I used to watch news reports from the south of the States showing extensive damage from tornadoes, and it made me wonder why people woud choose to live in such danger-prone areas.
But if there's one thing ive learnt in recent years, it is this:
Anything can happen anywhere anytime to anyone. I mean, tornado in Auckland?
It got me thinking about our our household plan, should anything happen.
Frenchy brought home a printout of the Emergency Planner and we sat down to decide what to do.
Moelagi is aware of what to do in a fire.....get low, get out, get help, call 111 etc, and the mailbox is our designated meeting point.
But there are so many ifs, what if I'm not here? what if we're asleep? what if its a tornado? or an earthquake, or a flood? oka oka e....depressing things to think about I tell you!

Recent Events
Aside from those thoughts, our household have been crazy busy lately, with Moelagi's birthday(s) being the topic of conversation. Ive written a note on FB about it for our friends and whanau.
Also, Soana aced her taupou siva at the comp last sat. I as sooo very proud of her.
CJ stopped over on way to Thailand and back.
NM had a baby girl in BNE, am so stoked for her!
E and J are off to the UK for Karl's wedding.
Good catch at home with UoW alumni during easter. over plenty of potent kava and wine.
Varsity continue to be shocking, but they miraculously beat Marist in the weekend.
William and Kate got married...."yawns"...but a few days Osama stole their thunder by being caught.
What a spoil sport guy
Tuifiti is now 3 months old and is 64cm tall, so very tall for his age and very happy bubba. we're so lucky tohave such a happy chappy. I take him to library most days and he just oohs and coos and poos happily on his blanky without much protest.
Below is a glimpse at Moelagi's kindy birthday celebation, ...ova le celebrate a le aunky.

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