Sunday, May 22, 2011

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This is the Samoan vaa going around the Pacific.

And if you have a couple of thousands lying around, please donate it towards the Gaualofa so we can totally own it.
This vaa initiative is reviving a lost art that once put us on the map...literally!
Voyaging moved us and plonked us in Samoa....and then we subsequently chased off the rebels who in turn rowed off to Aotearoa, Hawaii, Tahiti and Cooks.
Like Epei said, "the ocean was our backyard", we were masters of the ocean ...and now we have some of the highest drowning rates in the world....the number of people in Samoa who can't swim is baffling...and the number of Samoan kids who drown in NZ during the school holidays is saddening.
So this vaa is a good reminder of what we once were...oi aue!

Some pics from frenchy's mini voyage in Aug last year, from Apia to Asau:

 Sowhere between Upolu an Savaii

Jam time

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