Monday, May 30, 2011

Counting my hatch before they egg (:

It's like,...the bear releasing my bloody neck from its vicious grip.
...or reaching the surface after an unexpectedly deep dive
...or removing the shackles that held me and my life down for a year,
its ....submitting my thesis, in true Samoan fanfare: 1 week overdue, no sleep, bad diet, last minute changes and frayed nerves.
It aint over yet though, still got to get the final feedback and then OD to stress about (the night before haha).
But may I take this moment to say, ...WHAT A FECKING RELIEF!

I am ever so grateful to those who helped me in the previous year, supporting me through phone calls, emails, skyping, communication...and then there were the babysitters, midwives (CJ:) house cleaners, visitors to tolerated my nonchalant attitude to the paperwork strewn across the living room, and the guest room, and the car, and the toilet sometimes.....thank you!!!

I coul really be saying thank you to mon mari and tell him i love him for caring for my babies, and doing the cooking and cleaning and attending girlie birthday parties where he is the only male, or when he accompanied me to Samoa for a holiday that doubled as my fieldwork, where he spent most of the time hangng out with Moelagi while i chased down participants....i really could say that he has been the best supporter ever, but then again, he's being a bit of a ki'o at the moment.
so no thanks.


Studymum said...

Malo suga le fa'amalosi! Ia alu loa i fafo e ususu i fafo i le kou street e fa'ailoa ai lau thesis ga ua uma oga submit. Congratulations! Pe koe iai gisi mea e koe keukeu mulimuli, ae mea sili ga ua uma. How do you do it? A young family and all the busyness that goes with that plus everything else on top. Have a well-deserved break!

Malelega said...

Well done Fox. I'm sure you'll Ace it. Ua makua lava si kamaloa o ki'o sole lol

Lani Wendt Young said...

Congratulations! What HUGE relief to get that in! Awesome work, and now i see why you havent been blogging regularly in a while...good girl, what excellent focus. So0 happy for you. Watch out though, now thats in, your body could pack up and shut down and you will get all the sicknesses your adrenaline wouldnt allow near you. (thinking of post-tsunami bk. Wanting to party and breaking down instead...)Rest, recuperate, be nice to one and all....And mon mari? Show him some love....LOL

Teine O Le Motu said...

YAY! One burden off your shoulders and GOOOOD LAAAAAKKKK for your OD :) Then you can land in Samoa and head straight for KokoBanana and the best cocktails in town. Malo lava le tauivi! See you soon x

That Keo Nets said...

Fantabulous, now reward yourself with some sleep :) and a huge pat on the back for a great job xx