Monday, May 16, 2011

Change dates and Pagikeke

I'm little bit dissapointed about Tuilaepa's plan to move the IDL, mainly because every time we go home, i book us on a Friday, ...and then still get there and get ready to paaartttaayyy on their Thursday AND Friday.
We won't now be able have two birthdays. I usually have 2 days celebration because I follow the NZ day and then claim the following day because that is the actual birthday in,...never the mind.
On the positive side, we don't lose a day on  the way back...pau ga o le positive lea ou ke vaai aku ai.


Poppa J and Nana E's visit

You know how I said I was being careful with my food intake?
Big fat lie.
Nana E and Poppa J arrived with a Box of artery clogging yummies.
Faausi, kalo, pai fala, keke pua'a, ...and pork roast in the evening.

Diet today? Maybe not!

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