Monday, May 30, 2011

Counting my hatch before they egg (:

It's like,...the bear releasing my bloody neck from its vicious grip.
...or reaching the surface after an unexpectedly deep dive
...or removing the shackles that held me and my life down for a year,
its ....submitting my thesis, in true Samoan fanfare: 1 week overdue, no sleep, bad diet, last minute changes and frayed nerves.
It aint over yet though, still got to get the final feedback and then OD to stress about (the night before haha).
But may I take this moment to say, ...WHAT A FECKING RELIEF!

I am ever so grateful to those who helped me in the previous year, supporting me through phone calls, emails, skyping, communication...and then there were the babysitters, midwives (CJ:) house cleaners, visitors to tolerated my nonchalant attitude to the paperwork strewn across the living room, and the guest room, and the car, and the toilet sometimes.....thank you!!!

I coul really be saying thank you to mon mari and tell him i love him for caring for my babies, and doing the cooking and cleaning and attending girlie birthday parties where he is the only male, or when he accompanied me to Samoa for a holiday that doubled as my fieldwork, where he spent most of the time hangng out with Moelagi while i chased down participants....i really could say that he has been the best supporter ever, but then again, he's being a bit of a ki'o at the moment.
so no thanks.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Coup Four and a Half

Check out this awesome uncensored blog reporting everything and anything about the Fiji situation,.. particularly updated info on Roko Ului Mara case, who remains in Tonga.
I surely hope NZ gives him residency because he's fighting the battles that NZ and Australia couldn't: against Bainimarama....and he's winning so far (:
__________ about mistaken identity, hah!...thanks for the correction: Anonymous Dina (:
Check these beauties out from the Marama Dina range;...add her on Facebook and get some nice resorty wear stuff, and much cheaper than mena and tav (:

...and no, I don't get commission for this!

Aue ue.. I'm a scatterbrain today....e amaka i le coup ae uma age ua fai le faaka'ika'iga ofu,...oi lei..

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Follow Gaualofa voyage here

This is the Samoan vaa going around the Pacific.

And if you have a couple of thousands lying around, please donate it towards the Gaualofa so we can totally own it.
This vaa initiative is reviving a lost art that once put us on the map...literally!
Voyaging moved us and plonked us in Samoa....and then we subsequently chased off the rebels who in turn rowed off to Aotearoa, Hawaii, Tahiti and Cooks.
Like Epei said, "the ocean was our backyard", we were masters of the ocean ...and now we have some of the highest drowning rates in the world....the number of people in Samoa who can't swim is baffling...and the number of Samoan kids who drown in NZ during the school holidays is saddening.
So this vaa is a good reminder of what we once were...oi aue!

Some pics from frenchy's mini voyage in Aug last year, from Apia to Asau:

 Sowhere between Upolu an Savaii

Jam time

A sob story from a Pacific journalist

I absolutely love reading the articles on Sunday Samoan, mainly because its a bit better than usual...and mainly copied from other news agencies, so i don't need to seach elsewhere for a good read.
and every now and then, Sano chucks in a beauty.

But, I came across this one, called My story, my life about a journalist called Marc Neil-Jones.
He has been apparently subjected to to prenty prenty of abuses because of his stories, in Vanuatu. Anyhow, I was emphathising with the guy because of all that he's endured,..(what a media hero!) but halfway through, i was sidetracked by his pervesion.
Dude, the man likes women.
A lot.
Naked women, women doing lap dances, sexy women,,,argh,...pervert...I dislike the fakka already.
And looking at his pic, he does look like a perv.
...which brings me to one of my favourite issues, Freedom of Speech.
I'm all for it, but sometimes, I feel that journalists absolutely abuse this and then some more. Many a time, particularly in Samoa, there is absolute disregard in their attitude and i think sometimes, they deserve to get knocked off their perch once in a while...but not by physical violence, but by telling them that the sun doesn't shine outta their ass.
Have a non-perve day people.

Discaimer: This is NOT in any way or form related to that relation on mine. Don't send her hate mail because of my blabberings thanks. 

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Travel on the el cheapo

If youre going to Samoa on a holiday and want a bargain on accommodation, it pays to have a look at accommodation deals on Samoa Hotels Assoc website.

Alternatively, there are now holiay homes you can book online, at a fraction of the cost of a hotel. and it comes with add ons like cheap rentals, airport transfers etc. ndmore importantly, easy to view avaiability online.
Here's a fantastic one you should consider in future (damn it, i should really get commission for doing this haha)
Nicks Place at Palisi approx $70 SAT per night,...what a steal!...and very prompt response fom owners when you contact them.

Another great deal that comes with a lovely pool and car rental, very new is Samoa Holiday Homes.

Samoa Holiday Homes at Ululoloa

Also, subscribe to Air New Zealand and Pacific Blue's email promos and you can easily score holiday deals on the cheap.

Bottomline is, doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg!

Bon voyage (: see you in Sah-mo-ah.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Change dates and Pagikeke

I'm little bit dissapointed about Tuilaepa's plan to move the IDL, mainly because every time we go home, i book us on a Friday, ...and then still get there and get ready to paaartttaayyy on their Thursday AND Friday.
We won't now be able have two birthdays. I usually have 2 days celebration because I follow the NZ day and then claim the following day because that is the actual birthday in,...never the mind.
On the positive side, we don't lose a day on  the way back...pau ga o le positive lea ou ke vaai aku ai.


Poppa J and Nana E's visit

You know how I said I was being careful with my food intake?
Big fat lie.
Nana E and Poppa J arrived with a Box of artery clogging yummies.
Faausi, kalo, pai fala, keke pua'a, ...and pork roast in the evening.

Diet today? Maybe not!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Run, run, the sky is falling...

There was Christchurch, then Japan, the freakish weather up and down the country, American snowstorms, Queensland floods..what is this world coming to?

Up until last week, I used to watch news reports from the south of the States showing extensive damage from tornadoes, and it made me wonder why people woud choose to live in such danger-prone areas.
But if there's one thing ive learnt in recent years, it is this:
Anything can happen anywhere anytime to anyone. I mean, tornado in Auckland?
It got me thinking about our our household plan, should anything happen.
Frenchy brought home a printout of the Emergency Planner and we sat down to decide what to do.
Moelagi is aware of what to do in a fire.....get low, get out, get help, call 111 etc, and the mailbox is our designated meeting point.
But there are so many ifs, what if I'm not here? what if we're asleep? what if its a tornado? or an earthquake, or a flood? oka oka e....depressing things to think about I tell you!

Recent Events
Aside from those thoughts, our household have been crazy busy lately, with Moelagi's birthday(s) being the topic of conversation. Ive written a note on FB about it for our friends and whanau.
Also, Soana aced her taupou siva at the comp last sat. I as sooo very proud of her.
CJ stopped over on way to Thailand and back.
NM had a baby girl in BNE, am so stoked for her!
E and J are off to the UK for Karl's wedding.
Good catch at home with UoW alumni during easter. over plenty of potent kava and wine.
Varsity continue to be shocking, but they miraculously beat Marist in the weekend.
William and Kate got married...."yawns"...but a few days Osama stole their thunder by being caught.
What a spoil sport guy
Tuifiti is now 3 months old and is 64cm tall, so very tall for his age and very happy bubba. we're so lucky tohave such a happy chappy. I take him to library most days and he just oohs and coos and poos happily on his blanky without much protest.
Below is a glimpse at Moelagi's kindy birthday celebation, ...ova le celebrate a le aunky.