Friday, April 01, 2011

Tuiga worn by the 3 taupous at Hong Kong Sevens

Just wanna say, Netz, Ria & Megs did a fantabulous job with their costumes in Hong Kong. I loved that they were not really 'costumes' as such, but our "so called" traditional wear. Loved it!
They got the seis, kikis and ula gifos from Samoa, ofus made up and the tuigas from here (:

The Hilbrons were able to handcarry the tuigas from WLG to Oman and then they made their way to HKG eventually with the three girls.  
 with the Samoan Ambassador to China
Day 2 with a wardrobe change.

well done ladies.....

if u want some tuigas done - send me a message at please specify what the purpose is though, ie, for dance, keepsake, sevens costumes, decoration or bedroom accessory, lol.

manuia le po!


Lani Wendt Young said...

Very nice! Beautiful ladies and esp love the tuiga.

Omega ; Alex said...

Thanks Lani.
And to add to the promotion, The tuigas were light easy to wear, and ummmm I had it on my head for 24 hours so that says alot about how comfortable they were...nothing about vanity choo hooo. Thank you sidder for having our backs and yep we were the first to do it at the 7s so I'm sure you'll get some orders for the next ones:) yippeee