Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Six week jabs are a drag

Baby update zzzzzzzzzzzz
-Tuifiti rolled over in week 4, and i recorded it...yay for me!...oh, and him too.
- He's been an awesome boy, very laid back as long as he has a full puku and a loud burp.

But today's fagogo is about our visit to Northcare (for six week check), which is now called, who cares what they're called, different name, same'o ai le kala a le vale foi lele, "fiu a e faaofu le maguki o le maguki lava"...or was it kugki? haha. sorry, i digress yet again.

We arrived at clinic 30 minutes before 12 (the appointment time that was changed becuase the doc was in some training).
At 12:30pm, we were still sitting there, while everyone else were seen.
At 12:40, I was an angry panty and demanded that my medical records be sent over to the competitor (Radius) who are a lot more efficient.
12:47 and the doctor sees us finally. She is also the gynaecologist I saw last year too.
She had just come back from lunch and I am convinced she had a glass or three of Jacob's Creek. Red.
She was blushing.
Maybe she had a Jacob up her Creek judging by the glow on her face.
She is absolutely unapologetic for the delay.
After all, she's the doctor and we're just sickly inconvenient patients.
At the end of the consultation, she asks after my choice of contraception and I mentioned I was shopping around. She then outlines options and recommends the two that are most expensive. Feck off with your $350 IUCD, I get a bargain at Family Planning. Plus, I've shut up shop. Pugi.
She then took us to a room to await a nurse (for the jabs).
20 minutes later, a nurse walks in and asks me "Have you been seen?"
"Oh! let me have a check and see whose looking after you"
Another 16 minutes (and yes - at this point, I was Looking at the clock, cursing the system) finally, a chatty Iranian nurse bursts in and chit chats.
Any other time I would have chit chatted back, but after almost 3 hours, I was on the verge of yelling:
"Just get on with the fecking jabs!!"
But I didn't need to, my demeanor did the yelling.
The moral of the story is?
eh, kailo moral, just take a good book next time....but also, medical providers in New Zealand need to up the ante on dealing with people. I pay a disgusting amount for consultation and as such, I should be given some consideration. Doctors need to realise they are no longer 'that' spe'th'ial...if they can't provide an acceptable service, people like me will go elsewhere. easy come easy go.
Goodbye Northcare, ...and say goodbye to the rest of my family on your database.
  • Tomorrow: TB shots
  • AKL to pick up CJ going to BKK and she will hopefully go on to the bac a sable to see Tau and MJ.
  • Collect my order of gorgeous kifas and other beautiful shells for the tuigas..yay! can't wait.
  • Hopefully see Aunty L, E and Poppa J. theyve yet to meet Tuifiti.
Its turning out to be a very full on but productive week. whooohoooo!


nshm said...

OMG suga, you had baby... belated congratulations!!! xxoo

Goddess said...

hah - yes travel guru, ...blame the cold 2010 winter (: btw, i was very a 'not understand' about areas of NY after reading your entry on roosevelt island and so i spent a good 3 hours online reading about it. Fascinating! wheres the next adventure?

nshm said...

a'e, dear travel guru...Swisshamo lol!!! ia o le next adventure still undecided, sei faakali pe ga lucky le powerball agapo lol! hope all's well over your end?!

Goddess said...

funny that, coz thats my plan too, collecting my millions this weekend. my many many dreams~!

nshm said...

lol! at least dreams are for free... so lets keep thinking of places to go while we wait for our millions from Mr. Lotto lol manuia le weekend :)

Studymum said...

Congratulations on the birth of your baby! I have been waiting to read about his arrival. Malo lava le onosai.

Goddess said...

thanx studymum, yeah - he is here, loud and clear, hah - so life is back to nappies and no sleep la lea...hope ur keeping warm, winter is here ):

Omega ; Alex said...

I'm glad that bad service happens there too, a good reminder that the grass isn't always greener elsewhere:) heh heh