Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Flashbacks from St Theresa

While in the supershitty yesterday, I ran into a classmate for many decades ago (yup, i just dated myself right there).
I started kindy with him at St Theresa and went through till Year 5, then he was gone.
I didn't recognise him until he kept talking and the voice brought back sad memories.
He is Vasa from Fusi. His mom owned the shop down the road.
I remember him clearly for one sad sad occasion.
He was the only human at the time who defied Sister Rose in Year 3.
Yup - he upset Sr Rose so much that she took off her right jandal and beat his back, arms, back of his legs, then the shoe went flying and she continued to beat him with her bare hands.
Still, he refused to cry, or beg for forgiveness.
(Just a note, Sr Rose is # 3 on the fear factor scale, theres 1. God. 2. Patele 3. Sister Rose)
After she got out the wooden duster, he did the unthinkable.
He swore at the teacher!
Not just a random  swear word but a sizable venomous"KEFE" right in her angry face.
I remember the next bit very very clearly.
She picked him up by grabbing one leg and one arm, then in her small yet angry frame, she swung him through the doorway and out Vasa flew.
"Lol - watch Vasa fly"
Needless to say, we paid very close attention for the rest of the year and NEVER swore until we left St Theresa Primary.

Vasa is now married and has wee ones of his own. I reminded him of the above event and he laughingly points to the scar on his forehead. He obviously didn't forget either.
For some strange reason, I remember the mean teachers really really well.

Like Mrs Smith in Year 4 who twisted Tavita's ear until it bled. And when we dobbed her to the Principal she sat us down and gave us the "You just watch what I will do to you if you nark on me again" friendly speech.
Then there's Mr Losivale who used to whack us with the thick wooden ruler for having wrong answers in Math class.
Ms Silia who taught with the salu lima.
Sister Koleki who just had to look at you and your spine disintegrates.
Anyhow, thats just some flashbacks i had after running into Vasa., who said he saw Sr Rose on the ferry and she is now married.
Maybe thats why, ...she wasn't gettin' any.
Kailo se.


nola said...

lol! man tell me about it! (this topic!!) so true that you remember the lethal teachers vividly!! I remember watching a teacher slap my sister (I was in yr 6 waiting for her after school,she was yr7 at Leififi) so hard she flew across the room and was left with a bright red cheek..for having messy handwriting!! ...funny that this teacher also went to the same church as us and loved to complement us infront of our parents..needless to say we were scared shitless little monties and never spoke a word of this to anyone... wont be the same with my kids diefinitely!!

Omega ; Alex said...

Umm I remember Ms Smithy that pulled YOUR ear in year 4 and then Mum went to the school and gave her a good EARFUL that she cried her eyes out and never pulled anyone's ears again. To this day I run into her and she always asks about her dear Jody:)

Goddess said...

keste, e vaai mai o lea e kau faaconspicuous aku le story ae, heh..like they say "I beat you becoz i love you!" and then aiga ma le po i foliga!
remember Pese being the vaipouli kid with the megaphone after rugby in logo?

kuaback said...

"I beat you because i love you" and then there's those dickhead teachers who are just fiakamamamafa etc..

My brother was beaten by his math teacher in SamCo with a faagaau (hose). He came home le mafai ga gofo lelei le muli o si kama and of course he was trying to hide it. Mama dearest hopped in the car, drove to SamCo, couldn't find the madafada teacher, gave Rimoni an earful, drove to Min Of Ed, took off my brother's shorts & shirt infront of Fiame Naomi and showed the boys kokolia bum for all to see. Kaimi ga ua ma lava si kama lol...

Goddess said...

well, now that u are retelling your(and others) violent education samoa style, the most rewarding thing ever for me was seeing that year 8 teacher bitch again and she was flippin' burgers at McDs. and i deliberately became a difficult customer, lol...forgive and forget? not I, feck you very much.

Xavier Dimante said...

Mr Tinetali went mad and used a PVC pipe to smack everyones arse in our Maths class at Leifiifi. He was upset about something and made us line up, bend over and touch our toes including the girls. He swung it like a crazed samurai to exact maximum damage and the burning pain was excruciating. The boys choked back tears laughing it off, but the girls burst in tears. I last heard he went to Malua and became a minister somewhere...what an arsehole.