Monday, February 21, 2011

The law is explicit but please, let us continue to bribe our people, its the faasamoa

That, is excatly what this idiotic editor is suggesting in this joke of a story:

Entitled 'The hungry Elections" he refers to HRPP's tactics of picking up candidates and feeding them on the bribery day, oops, sorry, I meant election day.

Check this out:
"First, if they are not picked up at home by their candidate of choice – and more often than not, a candidate not of their choice – they wont bother to vote.
Picking up electors is something that has become acceptable. Relying on voters to bring themselves to the polling station would mean a very low voter turnout – which is not what candidates, government nor democracy want"
...right-o, its definitely NOT what Government want, don't insert democracy in there matey.
We all know that HRPP have been experts in bussing in people to polling stations and BROfessionals in doing their o'os (presentation of money or goods to sway a constituency) at the eleventh hour, of course, that is what this joke of an editor is referring to,..becuase apparently, its the Samoan way.
"Nonetheless, we are not unaware of the fact that that there have been many instances in the past where candidates used food and drink and probably something else taped to it, to sway your vote. (Like HRPP candidates?) But let’s not be too hasty in doing away with food and drink altogether. Whilst rules are always explicit, we should also be prudent and practical. Simply, there should be some room for common sense"

Hmmm, someone needs to explain to this clown what democracy and bribery mean - you can't have your fasi pua'a and eat it too.

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