Friday, January 14, 2011

Recycling things on the home front

The last week has been a fun one for MM and I.
We've managed to sleep in from Monday to Saturday - and then taking our royal time to do things.
We've nesting apparently, for the new bebe.
The newborn clothes have been dug out of the 15 tupperware boxes in the garage.
and Sorted. In colours.
Then 'warm' washed it carefully with sensitive powder and too much softener.
only this once because when the bebe is born its gonna be business as usual - velo i le masigi, le ago about sensitive, velo i le dryer, koe faaofu, choohoo.
After we took the newborn stuff to hang and dry.
I did something my MIL would love me for;
for the record, i don't 'do' ironing unless its rrreeealy obviously maagumigumi to the days.
This time, i even ironed the towels, face clothes and cloth nappies!
we also packed our overnight bag - ideally for me and the newborn but a certain MM was also chucking in her pajamas, toys and Dora books. Fail fail.
anyhow - at least i can cross off the newborn clothes task - thanks to MM's extensive collection NZ, Samoa, Austria and France. So if i'm having a boy, then sorry matey - you'll be in a few pink numbers for a while. heh.

What else is happening?
- Major floods in inland areas of QLD and BNE. Death toll so far; 15 and counting sadly.
everyone i know are safe so far, thank God.
- We have a brand new niece born last week....very exciting. we have not met yet. soon!
- MT still in Haast.
- CJ and PA somewhere in the southern alps.
- the Omanis are back home now ...miss them ):
- Armed robbery in Savaii. (read the Samoa Observer version soon to be up, me thinks)....this isn't the first by the way, its the First to be reported in the news
- FB is becoming a place of expression for some who are lacking such outlets in reality...and the more they utter an update, the shallower they become. But - it makes for fascinating reading.
- we have new neighbours, a cop! yay - hope that will deter the activities at the p lab next door, lol.


Studymum said...

Happy new year and congrats on your upcoming special delivery. I so relate with you on the newborn 'nesting' instinct. I have 6 weeks to go before 'D-day' so have been through the packing for the hospital phase. I just drive around with my hospital bag and baby's bag in the car just in case he comes early. Best wishes for your new baby and the family and look forward to reading your blog when baby arrives. Do you still have tuiga for sale?

Tat said...

You ironed everything?!! Your baby must be coming soon. Good luck with the birth. I came across your blog through Google Blog Search.

Fotu said...

I guess I should pack a bag too soon? Lol.

When are you due suga?

Enjoy the nesting!

Alofas xo

Goddess said...

thanks (:

Hi studymum, yes, i still have tuigas for sale, but have been doing most on demand as I have been busy (in other words, moe umi). let me know when youre after, email

i'm 37 weeks but have to go in tomorrow 2 hosp to turn the lil bugga coz e le'i usigo lava, lol...if its successful then yay, if not, then they'll do something about it next wk or after...Inshallah!!

e lei uma lava ga packiga le ako a mama...its still full of Dora books and DVDs.

Studymum said...

37 weeks? Awola, I won't bother you with any tuiga requests for now - it's not like I need one to wear when I go into labour or anything lol.. I will flick an email later on in the year once I have found a decent image of what I want. All the best for your appointment turning baby around or upside down. Alu loa e kapega lau ako kei ua o'o i le aso e ke alu ai i le falema'i. My days are busy trying to finish my last 2 assignments for my paper (the last one for my Master's!) before this baby makes an appearance. Se'i vaai pe muamua mai le pepe po'o le Masters. Take care suga and fa'amalosi!

Goddess said...

suga, that is soo also racing against time with my thesis, which is making the pregnancy a walk in the park at the moment, heh. kukusa la kaua, 2 deadlines to deal with!
ia, good luck to you too..and dont procrastinate like some people!!! heh.

tuigas will resume AFTER the baby AND the thesis!!!