Friday, January 07, 2011

O la'u Tu'uaga

I feel like I'm back in Year 4 and sitting in front of my axarcise book wondering what to write for the same ol essay we do every time we come back from the Holidays.
"O la'u Tu'uga" ....and I noisey over to my two friends who are now on paragraph 3 about Niu Seland and going on a aeroplane and eating MacDonards for the first time.
Suddenly, me and my siblings house built in the bushes with boxes and grass and real second hand tiles no longer hit the mark.
And then all of a sudden, my paragraph one is about the trip to New Zealand that I'm about to take during the next holidays....that only I know about. Becuase I'm an imaginary millionaire like that.
I'm trying to overlook the fact that I have not blogged since Dec 11th...all for good reason.
Failure to  blog means im living life to the full.(and because there was no connection at the bach).
Family came, from France (the outlaws), Samoa (mama dearest, sister & mayjar, nieces), Oman (sister, nephew, hubby) and Auckland (rest of family.

6 months before xmas, I sent email to all families on email about our plans to go to the bach and have a beach holiday. In TRUE Samoan fashion, only 2 responded.
So it was all shaping out to be a quiet palagi xmas by the beach,but deep in my soul, I knew too well, last minute plans would eventuate from my relations.

Surely enough, the small holiday turned out to be a BIG family affair all planned to the last minute.
I swear i almost went into labour with all the sudden plans.
Thank God the in laws are well aware of our weakness to plan. huh.

Anyhow, everything worked out, everyone has fun, lovely weather, YUMMY food cooked by all parties, great times, children got lots of pressies and the highlight for me was my mother finally having a break.

For the record, my mother doesn't 'do' holidays.
She works, she writes, she thinks, she decides, she simply doesn't have a break.

The last time i saw my mom swimming was when I was about 7 at Olemoe. But only so she could help her youngest swim becuase she was near drowning herself and refusing help.

 So yes! she has a lovely time in Onemana, relaxing and hanging out with her grandchildren.

She had so much fun that it got a bit overboard, she took the two girls to a wee creek and they came back covered in mud. Yessir. Mud.
We looked at them three in disbelief and she responded coolly:
"Ea? O lea ga fai makou mudbaths and then we sat in the sun....its therapeautic!"
And that became the saying of the holiday, ...whoever got a headache or a sniffle would be asked
"Ea? e ke le alu e fai sau mudbath?"
Muliga fo'i birds!
There were also numerous games to he had, charades were a winner of course.

Then sadly, the holidays came way too quickly to an end - everyone went their way, to other inlaws, work, travelling south island, and for us, one nite in Auckland with Aunty E and Uncle J.
Dinner at Brazilian restaurant, Wildfire - I LOVED IT! Who can say no to open fire cooked meats carved onto your plate by south american men in servant garb - perfecto.
New Years was at the viaduct, watching fireworks explode off the barges and SkyTower.
Oh, and Aunty E arrived at the hotel, hugged me in the swanky reception full of people and opened her bag of food for me, and showed each other in full view
"Look niece, I got you some snacks!... 3 tubs of faausi, 3 faapapa, island pudding and custard and 3 kalo kao"
"Thanks Aunty"
"Is that enough love? should I get some more?"
Oh she's the best i tell ya!

Now the in laws are in South Island and return tonight. then back to France tomorrow.

Exciting news:
KV and SJ have their little baby girl, born 2 nights ago in Auckland. this is their first teine, so very very exciting.
NS and KS are next. Hope this is their last, they already have 4 and can hardly support themselves. I wish I could bribe a doctor at Kuasivi to tie her tubes without telling her. ...(oops, soorry, negative energy no good). I wish everyone with a big manava all the best and stay healthy for your wee ones!

Other news
MM got  a trampoline from Papa Noel, and Frenchy set it up in the backyard.
The Omanis left yesterday for home ): miss them heaps. MM especially misses Tau. They are apart for long periods of time but when they get together its fantastic, and at times, ummm...determined tackling involved.
CJ will be here in the next few weeks.
Mom is back to reality.
I am off work now - whooohooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!
Manuia le Tausaga Fou


its just moi said...

SOunds like you had a blast!! love it...big family affairs and moms having breaks!! thats what lifes all about surely!!

kuaback said...

sounds like you all had a fab time during the holidays...happy 2011