Saturday, January 29, 2011

Last Sunday on January 2011, Overview

John Poynton has passes away ):
I only just saw on my sibling's FB that John has passed away during the New Year period.
This is indeed sad news. He was a fixture in the Apia scene.
Anyone who has lived in Samoa would have seen him walking down the street or on his pasika carrying his art around.
I remember him in his little Tusitala Gallery at the old historic building near the market....where he used to paint his wonderful sketches of Samoan scenes....which graced many many walls around Samoa.
He used to have his designated spot at Aggies Pool.
How sad, another part of old Apia is gone with him ):
Rest in peace and vibrant art Mr Poynton!!!
Some of his art is found on this blog: Normatikadesigns.

Cyclone Wilma
Well, Cyclone Wilma was like a really bad sex, was all talk, loads of foreplay and when it really mattered, it just didn't ...come.
...hmmmm, sounds a lot like my ex. pugi! aua le faia o'u kala ou ke le kea! choohoo!
It still flooded Apia (but thats just a normal occurence anyway) and it still hit Tonga and eventually dissipated close to north of New Zealand.
But all in all, viia le Alii because it wasn't a major cyclone. God knows we're just recovering from the endless faalavelaves of the holidays, we cant cope with another so soon.

Facebook Update
Some people should be banned from Facebook, or at least sent to Facebook rehab (or should it be FB Anonymous? FB Jail?)...theyre just bordering pathetic with their updates,...and i mean, constant updates!
And with the election coming up, some are playing (virtual) revolutionaries online. In reality, they will soil their Molesi undies at the thought of dealing with REAL issues in real time and in the real village!
This is my dilemna. If they want to effect change, FB is not the place to do it. Go and face the people who are voting IN SAMOA!
Aside from that, FB just became juicy in the last few weeks because a married man loaded a  pic of him and his girlfriend (or maybe she did?) and then his wife found out and now its World War that's the kind of updates that makes for entertaining reading~faikakala muchos???
 OH! one last ponder from me then i lif you alone: Why do people love posting images of the deceased? I wish some people would make those images private or at least warn before showing! eh, i guess we all grieve differently.
And thats our Bookface report for this evening, Tipi Autagavaia for Televise Samoa

Matt Anderson takes off his elei shirt and seevae kosokoso for the last time): Fa sole.
Every Tom, Dick and Sione with an once of coconut in them is blogging and reminscing his departure from Samoa... I saw Lani's entry just now, and this one too - both of which are brilliant references for the Aussie bloke.

This really does raise the bar for Ambassadors a ea!

Well, I'm more distraught for the fact that he won't be brightening up the Samoan scene with his array of bright elei shirts...i hope his replacement can "bring it on" coz he/she has big seevae kosokosos to fill.


Lani Wendt Young said...

Still laughing abt the cyclone wilma and bad sex - NOICE one!

Yes Anderson AND his shirts will leave Samoa a less cheerful place. Question is, WHO chose his ofus for him? Maybe the next High Comm can get design/shopping tips from Lu?...

Goddess said...

Exactly - im sure if we look through wikileaks there will be a mention of Matt's elei shirts somewhere (: