Monday, January 17, 2011

I just saw a really really disturbing image on

Samoa Observer online.
Isn't there like...ethical standards against posting something like that?
eh - kailo se i kou menti.
But its to do with the mysterious death of a 13 year old six years ago in Tiavea.
And apparently, the family and pulenuu are not cooperating (i may very well be misinforming you, i apologise).
I do wonder though what kind of mother would willingly bury her child and not report it to Police or authorities? oka se le alofa e makaukia.

I support Samoa Victims Support fully!!! they are enabling defenceless people to come forward in search of justice.
Because lets face it, our matais in the village are more than happy to sweep these "embarrasing" events under the mat rather than put a bad spin on their village name and their pride....and lets not fool ourselves by expecting the church to grow some balls on this one either.

Ia, have a safe week and stay on the good side of the Samoen Police brutality division.


kuaback said...

ok WTF was that all about? they didnt have to put that on there..too i gotta go throw up..happy week ahead..

Goddess said...

i know, its sooo tabloid it aint funny. YUKK!

Goddess said...

awesome, someone wrote to Samoa Observer objecting to the image and the quality (lack thereof) of some of their we are not alone in our disgust!

theres also a letter against the former NPF which i think is really harsh and unprofessional - im not suprised if this man sues them or whatever....gosh, whose the editor letting this rubbish into the paper???! fire em!