Saturday, January 08, 2011

Election process, Savaii style.

I called Savaii and the woman who lives at the main fale answered.
She was not a happy camper.
The Member of Parliament from my district presented a financial gift to the subvillages during the holidays and the said woman, (along with other women who do not work but bingo every other day of the week) - missed out on the cash distribution.
They were beside themselves.
This is meant to be their bonus time - of receiving, cashing in, aisi-ing and peering from their fales, waiting for the truck that carries the most dead cows and pigs.
This election year is not starting well. apparently.
But, she reassures me, "E le'i kaikai vevela mai o'o a sui kauva"
I can't help but worry and fret about the future of my nation being continuously decided by ill-informed, money hungry and downright silly people.
Democracy Savaii style: the bigger the alaga povi, the more defined the X come voting day. 

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