Thursday, January 20, 2011

Confessions of a big mama

Ko diary.
Dear Diary,
The bebe is no longer breech, yay! ....on the day we went to have the little bugga turned, it decided to do a head dive and usigo in the right direction,... then we looked like idiots to the team of specialists and the interns who were attending to observe the procedure.
So thankfully, my birthplan is back on track and I am back to the care of my fantastic midwife and a delivery at Waterford. Inshallah.
We (me and Frenchy) are all set, except we have not yet agreed to one part of the birthplan.
I.e: I want Maeva to be there for the waterbirth, she can bring her togs along and some snorkelling gear, (:
Frenchy is downright adamant he does not want her traumatised and prefers that she stays away until the next day.
The verdict has yet to be reached...what you fink? sa'o au a. I know.

In other news, I can't reach my legs anymore, meaning I can't shave my legs.
But Frenchy is good like that, he's doing it for me.
And I can't strap my pweety pair of shoes from the Xmas sales.
But Maeva is an awesome helper in that department.

My family (sister and nieces) spent 4 wonderful days with us. Meaning Maeva was occupied the whole time and I could park at the kitchen table and faikakala on bookface for ....quite some toime.
I am bored coz nothing much happening on bookface, can someone please add a third boob or something to make my visits more interesting? thanks.

ther than that, it's a unsettling pregnant (no pun intended) pause as I await feedback from my supervisor regarding my final draft. Miracles can happen. Like her knocking her head on the shelf and accidently giving my thesis an underserving all clear (and a A++) and granting of $450 to do the binding. pe'a leva.

ah well, least im free to focus on the preggos:

This is what nobody told me about pregnancy:
That boobies fill up so drastically after having baby to the point of utter pain and discomfort...and that when it gets bad, it means leaky boobies are Spraying breastmilk across the room.
NOBODY TOLD ME THAT! (Or to be more accurate, i skipped that part of the booklet.
But, i found the best relief in cabbage leaves, cut into perfect wee circles.

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kuaback said...

not long to go eh? all the best suga mama..hope all goes well with the waterbirth. alohas from kuaback