Monday, January 31, 2011

Change of Game Plan

Ia, afu a lea o le brag solo faakakau i waterbirths, lea ua koe sui for the strategy a le pepe.
shamman bun.
Lea ua 39 vaiaso and koe fo'i le evaga a le schimiegel i luga ma ua kaoko faalava lava afiogaga.
Ou ke alu kaeao i le falemai e faakalagoa ma le fomai poo lea le mea a fai. sure foi e ma ke oo ai i le falemai ua usigo le kamai schimiegel...
anyhow, this could mean e le ogo faatinoina la'u plan na fai nei, ae o le'a a fai e fomai le tonu i le taeao.
whatever the case, pau le mea sili ia manuia mea uma.
o le'a ou alu ou te moe ua ta le 1:48am ae le'i uma lava meaaoga a mama, ua ova le slack.
story of moi loife.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Last Sunday on January 2011, Overview

John Poynton has passes away ):
I only just saw on my sibling's FB that John has passed away during the New Year period.
This is indeed sad news. He was a fixture in the Apia scene.
Anyone who has lived in Samoa would have seen him walking down the street or on his pasika carrying his art around.
I remember him in his little Tusitala Gallery at the old historic building near the market....where he used to paint his wonderful sketches of Samoan scenes....which graced many many walls around Samoa.
He used to have his designated spot at Aggies Pool.
How sad, another part of old Apia is gone with him ):
Rest in peace and vibrant art Mr Poynton!!!
Some of his art is found on this blog: Normatikadesigns.

Cyclone Wilma
Well, Cyclone Wilma was like a really bad sex, was all talk, loads of foreplay and when it really mattered, it just didn't ...come.
...hmmmm, sounds a lot like my ex. pugi! aua le faia o'u kala ou ke le kea! choohoo!
It still flooded Apia (but thats just a normal occurence anyway) and it still hit Tonga and eventually dissipated close to north of New Zealand.
But all in all, viia le Alii because it wasn't a major cyclone. God knows we're just recovering from the endless faalavelaves of the holidays, we cant cope with another so soon.

Facebook Update
Some people should be banned from Facebook, or at least sent to Facebook rehab (or should it be FB Anonymous? FB Jail?)...theyre just bordering pathetic with their updates,...and i mean, constant updates!
And with the election coming up, some are playing (virtual) revolutionaries online. In reality, they will soil their Molesi undies at the thought of dealing with REAL issues in real time and in the real village!
This is my dilemna. If they want to effect change, FB is not the place to do it. Go and face the people who are voting IN SAMOA!
Aside from that, FB just became juicy in the last few weeks because a married man loaded a  pic of him and his girlfriend (or maybe she did?) and then his wife found out and now its World War that's the kind of updates that makes for entertaining reading~faikakala muchos???
 OH! one last ponder from me then i lif you alone: Why do people love posting images of the deceased? I wish some people would make those images private or at least warn before showing! eh, i guess we all grieve differently.
And thats our Bookface report for this evening, Tipi Autagavaia for Televise Samoa

Matt Anderson takes off his elei shirt and seevae kosokoso for the last time): Fa sole.
Every Tom, Dick and Sione with an once of coconut in them is blogging and reminscing his departure from Samoa... I saw Lani's entry just now, and this one too - both of which are brilliant references for the Aussie bloke.

This really does raise the bar for Ambassadors a ea!

Well, I'm more distraught for the fact that he won't be brightening up the Samoan scene with his array of bright elei shirts...i hope his replacement can "bring it on" coz he/she has big seevae kosokosos to fill.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Confessions of a big mama

Ko diary.
Dear Diary,
The bebe is no longer breech, yay! ....on the day we went to have the little bugga turned, it decided to do a head dive and usigo in the right direction,... then we looked like idiots to the team of specialists and the interns who were attending to observe the procedure.
So thankfully, my birthplan is back on track and I am back to the care of my fantastic midwife and a delivery at Waterford. Inshallah.
We (me and Frenchy) are all set, except we have not yet agreed to one part of the birthplan.
I.e: I want Maeva to be there for the waterbirth, she can bring her togs along and some snorkelling gear, (:
Frenchy is downright adamant he does not want her traumatised and prefers that she stays away until the next day.
The verdict has yet to be reached...what you fink? sa'o au a. I know.

In other news, I can't reach my legs anymore, meaning I can't shave my legs.
But Frenchy is good like that, he's doing it for me.
And I can't strap my pweety pair of shoes from the Xmas sales.
But Maeva is an awesome helper in that department.

My family (sister and nieces) spent 4 wonderful days with us. Meaning Maeva was occupied the whole time and I could park at the kitchen table and faikakala on bookface for ....quite some toime.
I am bored coz nothing much happening on bookface, can someone please add a third boob or something to make my visits more interesting? thanks.

ther than that, it's a unsettling pregnant (no pun intended) pause as I await feedback from my supervisor regarding my final draft. Miracles can happen. Like her knocking her head on the shelf and accidently giving my thesis an underserving all clear (and a A++) and granting of $450 to do the binding. pe'a leva.

ah well, least im free to focus on the preggos:

This is what nobody told me about pregnancy:
That boobies fill up so drastically after having baby to the point of utter pain and discomfort...and that when it gets bad, it means leaky boobies are Spraying breastmilk across the room.
NOBODY TOLD ME THAT! (Or to be more accurate, i skipped that part of the booklet.
But, i found the best relief in cabbage leaves, cut into perfect wee circles.

Ruling on Red Cross court case in Samoa

Samoa Observer story.

Justice is served.
Thank you for your coming.

Monday, January 17, 2011

I just saw a really really disturbing image on

Samoa Observer online.
Isn't there like...ethical standards against posting something like that?
eh - kailo se i kou menti.
But its to do with the mysterious death of a 13 year old six years ago in Tiavea.
And apparently, the family and pulenuu are not cooperating (i may very well be misinforming you, i apologise).
I do wonder though what kind of mother would willingly bury her child and not report it to Police or authorities? oka se le alofa e makaukia.

I support Samoa Victims Support fully!!! they are enabling defenceless people to come forward in search of justice.
Because lets face it, our matais in the village are more than happy to sweep these "embarrasing" events under the mat rather than put a bad spin on their village name and their pride....and lets not fool ourselves by expecting the church to grow some balls on this one either.

Ia, have a safe week and stay on the good side of the Samoen Police brutality division.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Silvio Berlusconi

 is just a friendly man who likes to give aspiring young women a leg up in this world.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Recycling things on the home front

The last week has been a fun one for MM and I.
We've managed to sleep in from Monday to Saturday - and then taking our royal time to do things.
We've nesting apparently, for the new bebe.
The newborn clothes have been dug out of the 15 tupperware boxes in the garage.
and Sorted. In colours.
Then 'warm' washed it carefully with sensitive powder and too much softener.
only this once because when the bebe is born its gonna be business as usual - velo i le masigi, le ago about sensitive, velo i le dryer, koe faaofu, choohoo.
After we took the newborn stuff to hang and dry.
I did something my MIL would love me for;
for the record, i don't 'do' ironing unless its rrreeealy obviously maagumigumi to the days.
This time, i even ironed the towels, face clothes and cloth nappies!
we also packed our overnight bag - ideally for me and the newborn but a certain MM was also chucking in her pajamas, toys and Dora books. Fail fail.
anyhow - at least i can cross off the newborn clothes task - thanks to MM's extensive collection NZ, Samoa, Austria and France. So if i'm having a boy, then sorry matey - you'll be in a few pink numbers for a while. heh.

What else is happening?
- Major floods in inland areas of QLD and BNE. Death toll so far; 15 and counting sadly.
everyone i know are safe so far, thank God.
- We have a brand new niece born last week....very exciting. we have not met yet. soon!
- MT still in Haast.
- CJ and PA somewhere in the southern alps.
- the Omanis are back home now ...miss them ):
- Armed robbery in Savaii. (read the Samoa Observer version soon to be up, me thinks)....this isn't the first by the way, its the First to be reported in the news
- FB is becoming a place of expression for some who are lacking such outlets in reality...and the more they utter an update, the shallower they become. But - it makes for fascinating reading.
- we have new neighbours, a cop! yay - hope that will deter the activities at the p lab next door, lol.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Queensland Floods

Extensive floods in Queensland, death toll rising, thousands affected.
And New Zealand sends 15 volunteers.
What. A. Joke.
Surely, for a country that is carrying the weight of NZ, you'd think they'd get a bit more than 15 volunteers.

Hoping Tel and family are well...stay safe!!!

Inconsiderate neighbours

MM and I were home alone.
There was a party next door, at the young sparkie and Goth couple's house.
This is the couple that have a nightly ritual of brushing their teeth for about 20 minutes in their well lit bathroom.
Right across from our deck. In clear view. Well, almost, its a blurry glass view. But still.
When we have dinner with friends outside, we time how long the teeth brushing process takes, and the losers have to do 'bottoms up'.
Yep - coz we're immature like that.
Anyhow, digressing digressing....
The party goes on and on and on, loud loud heavy metal music and loud loud conversations about how "brown" our street was becoming...."another Indian couple across at 47"...."and chinese across the road."
...meanwhile, I am picturing me grabbing an AK47 to blast the conversationalists's head off if he mentions the Samoan next door.
Anyhow, I move my sleeping girl to the guest room, because we couldn't hear our thoughts.
At 2 a.m I wonder, should I call Noise control?
But someone beats me to it shortly after, and the music is turned down temporarily.
I fall asleep finally until I am awoken by commotion in MY backyard.
In my paranoia, I grabbed the butcher knife I leave in my side drawer when we are alone (weird much?)
and tiptoed to the back.
More noise, now the culprit has flipped over my rubbin bin.
My heart was beating in my FACE. I was shit scared, and then I saw her.
She was a plump caucasian in a size too small dress that has now ridden up her chubby thighs.
She is completely off her face, which now resembled that of a racoon.
A skanky racoon who drank too much rum.
I suddenly felt angry. I asked her what she was doing on my property and she...SWORE AT ME! IN MY BACKYARD!
I calmly asked her to leave or else I will call the cops.
But she continues to walk around as if looking for something and saying I should "Just shut up and leave her alone".
So I grabbed my phone and called the Police, loudly so she can her me....this time she runs to the front, but the gate is closed, it does this when you force it.
Instead of opening it by lifting the latch, she ...CRAWLS under...picture a chubby drunk skunk crawling under confined space....All the while, swearing and accusing me of hiding her stuff???? WTF???

Anyhow, I walked out, closed both gates and FINALLY have a peaceful sleep. But there was more knocking on the door.
It was the skinny sparkie coming to apologise.
At 4am.
What a rude asshole.
He apologised for the behavior of his drunk friend and said she was just looking for her handbag.
I am near tears at this point and really really tired. I had to work at 8am, so I told him to leave us alone and if i see anyone on my property, I will call the cops OR I will personally HURT them myself...Slams door.
(Angry panty much?)
I wondered what I have done to deserve this bad bad karma ):
Anyhow, I got up exhaustedly at 9am, called work that I was coming in late, and sent Maeva to get the mail.
She came running back shouting "Mum! Mum! I found a phone and some money by the mailbox!"
Yep - karma sucks. I thought of returning that phone and that $60 to the drunk skunk.
The thought lasted about 2 seconds.
I hate the thought of losing my phone, but in this case, she can suffer for all I care. Dumb ass.
Thank you for the phone that I gifted to my cousin and the $60 that went towards my shoes.
Next time you get drunk and leave your stuff around, don't do it on the fob's premises....coz I'm a keeper like that.

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Election process, Savaii style.

I called Savaii and the woman who lives at the main fale answered.
She was not a happy camper.
The Member of Parliament from my district presented a financial gift to the subvillages during the holidays and the said woman, (along with other women who do not work but bingo every other day of the week) - missed out on the cash distribution.
They were beside themselves.
This is meant to be their bonus time - of receiving, cashing in, aisi-ing and peering from their fales, waiting for the truck that carries the most dead cows and pigs.
This election year is not starting well. apparently.
But, she reassures me, "E le'i kaikai vevela mai o'o a sui kauva"
I can't help but worry and fret about the future of my nation being continuously decided by ill-informed, money hungry and downright silly people.
Democracy Savaii style: the bigger the alaga povi, the more defined the X come voting day. 

Friday, January 07, 2011

O la'u Tu'uaga

I feel like I'm back in Year 4 and sitting in front of my axarcise book wondering what to write for the same ol essay we do every time we come back from the Holidays.
"O la'u Tu'uga" ....and I noisey over to my two friends who are now on paragraph 3 about Niu Seland and going on a aeroplane and eating MacDonards for the first time.
Suddenly, me and my siblings house built in the bushes with boxes and grass and real second hand tiles no longer hit the mark.
And then all of a sudden, my paragraph one is about the trip to New Zealand that I'm about to take during the next holidays....that only I know about. Becuase I'm an imaginary millionaire like that.
I'm trying to overlook the fact that I have not blogged since Dec 11th...all for good reason.
Failure to  blog means im living life to the full.(and because there was no connection at the bach).
Family came, from France (the outlaws), Samoa (mama dearest, sister & mayjar, nieces), Oman (sister, nephew, hubby) and Auckland (rest of family.

6 months before xmas, I sent email to all families on email about our plans to go to the bach and have a beach holiday. In TRUE Samoan fashion, only 2 responded.
So it was all shaping out to be a quiet palagi xmas by the beach,but deep in my soul, I knew too well, last minute plans would eventuate from my relations.

Surely enough, the small holiday turned out to be a BIG family affair all planned to the last minute.
I swear i almost went into labour with all the sudden plans.
Thank God the in laws are well aware of our weakness to plan. huh.

Anyhow, everything worked out, everyone has fun, lovely weather, YUMMY food cooked by all parties, great times, children got lots of pressies and the highlight for me was my mother finally having a break.

For the record, my mother doesn't 'do' holidays.
She works, she writes, she thinks, she decides, she simply doesn't have a break.

The last time i saw my mom swimming was when I was about 7 at Olemoe. But only so she could help her youngest swim becuase she was near drowning herself and refusing help.

 So yes! she has a lovely time in Onemana, relaxing and hanging out with her grandchildren.

She had so much fun that it got a bit overboard, she took the two girls to a wee creek and they came back covered in mud. Yessir. Mud.
We looked at them three in disbelief and she responded coolly:
"Ea? O lea ga fai makou mudbaths and then we sat in the sun....its therapeautic!"
And that became the saying of the holiday, ...whoever got a headache or a sniffle would be asked
"Ea? e ke le alu e fai sau mudbath?"
Muliga fo'i birds!
There were also numerous games to he had, charades were a winner of course.

Then sadly, the holidays came way too quickly to an end - everyone went their way, to other inlaws, work, travelling south island, and for us, one nite in Auckland with Aunty E and Uncle J.
Dinner at Brazilian restaurant, Wildfire - I LOVED IT! Who can say no to open fire cooked meats carved onto your plate by south american men in servant garb - perfecto.
New Years was at the viaduct, watching fireworks explode off the barges and SkyTower.
Oh, and Aunty E arrived at the hotel, hugged me in the swanky reception full of people and opened her bag of food for me, and showed each other in full view
"Look niece, I got you some snacks!... 3 tubs of faausi, 3 faapapa, island pudding and custard and 3 kalo kao"
"Thanks Aunty"
"Is that enough love? should I get some more?"
Oh she's the best i tell ya!

Now the in laws are in South Island and return tonight. then back to France tomorrow.

Exciting news:
KV and SJ have their little baby girl, born 2 nights ago in Auckland. this is their first teine, so very very exciting.
NS and KS are next. Hope this is their last, they already have 4 and can hardly support themselves. I wish I could bribe a doctor at Kuasivi to tie her tubes without telling her. ...(oops, soorry, negative energy no good). I wish everyone with a big manava all the best and stay healthy for your wee ones!

Other news
MM got  a trampoline from Papa Noel, and Frenchy set it up in the backyard.
The Omanis left yesterday for home ): miss them heaps. MM especially misses Tau. They are apart for long periods of time but when they get together its fantastic, and at times, ummm...determined tackling involved.
CJ will be here in the next few weeks.
Mom is back to reality.
I am off work now - whooohooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!
Manuia le Tausaga Fou