Thursday, December 09, 2010

what a wonderful day

i submitted another draft and i get to come home and NOT think about business sustainability bullshit for 5 whole days, touch wood!

Our friends Neta and co come to so say goodbye on their way to Brisbane for good: ): sad sad sad..bon voyage!but...excuse to fly over for a visit (:

W and D had their loooong awaited baby boy, 9 pounds and we will meet the lil man tomorrow.

the omanis are coming soonnnn yay!!!!!!!
followed by the french,
then the samoans still filing in on the eve of xmas.

cant wait to see everyone and enjoy the holiday!!!

my older brother successfully completed his course in Japan n heading home shortly.

but the highlight of today is:

Having fresh fush and chups from Seafood Bazaar, along with the chunky beer battered mussles. Then strawberries, mango, papaya and ....wait for it Lagipoiva -  pavlova for dessert.
yes, im a fat bastard and i love it!

Over and out, manuia le weekend


kuaback said...

fia maua a sesi e iloa fai pavlova iigei..not a big thing in the US but i'm craving some..u have a recipe? an easy one? coz the ones online are a bit complicated for

Goddess said...

you know the baking Master already, ask her on FB what the recipe is keo, or if she's not too hormonal she'll give u some other awesome recipes.
good luck and hope the preggos progressing well.