Saturday, December 11, 2010

First weekend of freedom since ages ago

For the first time in months, I have a weekend of NO STUDY.
Wow! I don't know myself!
Managed to empty, vacuum, clean the conservatory, AND do 3 loads of washing for the FIRST time in a long long time.
I was hoping to do full on housework but considering my state, I was stopping every hour, rest, eat...continue, then lie down, eat, nap ...continue, resume work then entertain the midget, rest, watch movie and what do you know, its was 5pm already!
At that point, I was knackered,
So, being the mother of the year that I am, i did spaghetti toast for MM and just when we were done, Skivi texted to say ua vela le sapa sui.
So - showered and sped over to eat (again), catch up with T, S and the littlies watched ariel.
Both T and we don't have Sky tv, so whenever we take our fob girls to Skivis, they are mesmerised by the wonders of the cartoon network and pretty much everything else.
which is good- coz we get to talk while they quietly stare at the tv.

oh, good news, i can now breath normally now without freaking people out, hah...i was just very low on iron and it made me gasp for air fequently, but am all good now, just have to keep check on my iron levels in case i get into probs yeah, halleluia!

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