Monday, November 01, 2010

Tuilaepa Sailele in the red corner, John Campell in the blue, ding ding dong.

Amended 3 November (:

OMG, I am soooo embarrassed about the John Campbell story from last night. What a shame!
John Campbell went back to Samoa as a follow up of his initial story about where the tsunami funds have gone. He was meant to interview Tuilaepa but due to some sort of miscommunication, the meeting time didn't work out. Sadly. And John Campbell used this opportunity to destroy any remaining credibility left for the Government of Samoa. (eh, you google the background story)

My issues are these:

Why is there such a worrying discrepancy between donation estimates, by the PM versus the report issued by his Ministry?

Why is the PM handling these enquiries when it should be the Ministry involved? Doesn't this reveal his lack of trust in his own govt employees?

Why did John Campbell get so dramatic about the change of interview time when he could have just adjusted to the new time? (and he'll say, Coz he's worth it, pugi). what a primadonna! If he really wanted the interview he should have stayed.

Why didn't John Campbell email Stui directly? Stui did ask him last night "Have you got my email?"
JC said: "Yes"
Stui: "well, you've got my email" lol.

What can 10 minutes of interview time achieve for John Campbell?
Well, according to Stui, it will be amble time to explain the funds, and then he will show JC to all the villages affected by the tsunami. Dayum, Supermaaaaaaaaaaan!

Does the PM have bodyguards or security or a liaison who can speak, intervene for him? Especially when he is rudely confronted by the media after hours? Stui dug his own grave when he kept responding. He should have hopped in his left hand drive and sped off. What a Public Relations 101 blunder.

Stui has a point, JC needed to show some respact. His confrontational approach is not very nice.
But on the same note, forgetting where $120 million tala went is pretty bad manners.

John needs to be respectful of his environment and the people or culture he goes into. Just because he is a well known tv personality in NZ doesn't give him the right to be a dickhead with others, let alone a matai Samoa. There are ways to do things. In Samoa, you show respect, you talk, decide a time and meet, read up on "talanoa".
Can you imagine Savea going up to John Key and shoving a mic and camera in his face? Demanding where the leaky building cash has gone? VERY UNLIKELY.

Of course, this report is sensationalized to the day, and JC is milking the opportunities to rubbish the efforts of many. BUT, I am glad this has happened.

It's not like we can expect exceptional (and sensational) journalism that probe further from within Samoa itself. Samoa Observer can only be sued for so often before they have to say sorry every 5 seconds.

Whatever the case, let's not forget the nature of our lovely peoples of the sun, if you ask someone how they are, despite their blessings they will say "Eh! mea masagi lava". Very rarely will you hear a "Well, I am very happy today and very very grateful for my brick house, box of clothes, boxes of pisupo and a brand new toilet" Yeah right.

But I still am left with the question, Where is the money?

And then some more, "Will this be his fall from grace? How many more of these blunders before we can really say, "something stinks bad, something gotta change?"

Here is the link to the John Campbell follow up of the tsunami story.

I like this person's perspective, its sooo true! and the media heavy response from Cafe Pacific

and there's always two sides to the story, read the PM's side at Samoa Observer .

I'm curious to know what Tupuola Terry Tavita's view is on all this, hmmm....c'mon Savali newspaper, get out of prehistory and go online!


Pervach said...

Thanks for the link :)

John Campbell had a good opportunity to look for where that money actually went. I just wish he had taken that opportunity instead of doing all that misleading sensationalism.

FreshyNZ said...

I agree. Too much sensationalism on what is a worthy topic to pursue. But I guess ratings count for a commercial network.