Tuesday, November 16, 2010

SUNGO, pack your bags, you're fired.

SUNGO has been given an eviction notice from Stui. I think this is a good thing.
What did SUNGO expect? Get special treatment from Stui?
They have been the thorn on his side during the road switch, the land bill, casino bill, prisons and numerous other issues that have been dictated by HRPP.
Remember Parliament has no spine - no Opposition -just yes men?...so now NGOs have to be the people's representative and the bones in Stui's faiai pusi.
SUNGO staying in that Government property (albeit rotting) was meant to be hush money.
Stui said it himself a few months ago when he said that SUNGO should be grateful for the Government support through the rental. In other words, "dont bite the hand that feeds you NGOs"
This is a good thing for good governance in Samoa.
It shows that NGOs will openly advocate for their members irrespective of personal gain and political retribution.
SUNGO should build their own premises, free of Government strench.
Good luck SUNGO - and keep up the great work of speaking for our peoples of the land of coconuts and honey, no one else is doing that, (bar Talatonu in Parliament?).
On a side note, why is Stui being pricky about a lousy Government house? Have you seen the state of the rest of the Government houses around the Hospital and Fagalii, which many are actually vacant? They are rotting!

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