Friday, November 05, 2010

skip this post, i'm just ranting away to meself.

Radius Doctor
MM has been sick the last 4 days, her eczema/asthma has been back with a vengance.
So we headed to the Doctor for another stash of drugs but because we didnt make an appoihntment, we were referred to the Drop In doctor at Radius.
This is the 4th time we've see this same character in the last 4 weeks. He never recalled who we are, fair enough, he sees hundreds of people. but, each time we see the guy, I have to explain the problems, etc etc and EVERY time, I tell him the Aqueous cream that should be helping, ISN'T.
so he recommends the next one up: (Hydrocortizone ?? + moisturiser): DOESN'T WORK.
and then he suggests the steroid cream, which is a last resort for her.
I nod my head blankly and accept his prescription of the SAME drugs that I have in the cupboard, all of which DO NOT WORK but still try.
I thank the guy and he looks a bit dazed and said "Well, its a shitty time of the year, so she might have hay fever too, heres some antihystemine to help with that"
We walk away with our long shopping list of meds - went to Pharmacist, who was a little concerned about amount of stuff we're giving her., he called the Doctor, and both agree to remove the steroid cream, since it doesn't work. DUH!
When we got home, I opened the bag of stuff and the one thing she needs most is missing, the ventolin for the asthma: THE INITIAL REASON FOR OUR VISIT TO THE DOCTOR.
I called Radius, and explained, this is just a repeat prescription.
They said, just come into the Pharmacy, they'll have it on the system.
We drove back, went to Pharmacist, and he tells me "No, you have to see a Doctor"
"I did"
"Well, this isn't an emergency, so please see the Doctor or maybe the nurse for a print out of prescriptn"
We walk back to Radius, sat for 40 minutes, then the Nurse comes over, looks at MM breifly.
Asked some questions and walked off.
20 minutes later, she comes back
"sorry, you have to see the doctor, he won't sign the prescription without see your daughter"
"Whose the doctor?"
"The Drop in Doctor, Dr D. D"
"We did see him earlier, and explained EVERYTHING- he should have prescribed the ventolin, its just a repeat"
"No, you have to see Dr D. D again"
We were talken to another waiting area, 20 - 30  minutes later.
Dr. D. D sees us, and asks "How can I help you?"
I explained etc etc...and he has no idea who we are!
After explaining ourselves for the 4th time in a day (and twice to the same bastard), he slowly "registers" us and signs the prescription.
Who do I contact about the possibility that a practicing GP in New Zealand may be HIGH on drugs?

k,...Last rant:
I got up early (for a Sat, 8:30am), made meself a packed lunch: a yummy Vogel sandwich, plus tub of Meadow Fresh 99% fat free yogurt, 3 juicy and most likely GMO strawberries from NW and a thermos of earl grey tea for my study session. I packed everything in a separate bag and went to give MM a cuddle.
Then, Ihopped in the car.
I got to uni, and realised.
I forgot my blimmin healthy lunch.
So I just came back from Four Square with a bag of Rashuns, coke, Dr Pepper and Hersheys Cookies n Creme.
I'm disgusting, I know.
Now run along now before I burb.

Like i said, I'm ranting, so go to Jandal Print's blog for some inspiration or something, or Samoa Observer, I'd have happily suggested Swiss Hamo but she's also ranting today. Good luck finding inspiration, hah.

Lani, I give you these:

IF, and you give me a coupla these:

                                                                   Fair deal me thinks (: 


nshm said...

would you like to share some rashuns please... LOL!

kuaback said... bout I'll trade you a box of Fritos for a box of rashauns? me some cheesyyyyyyy rashauns rite now

Goddess said...

I would happy do that kuaback, but how can I explain to hubrand dearest the sudden appearance of a box of fritos during a time that I am meant to be eating healthy? It'll be the start of world war v in my household. ...but, I'll get back to you once i tee up one of my mates to receive the stash, haha.