Sunday, November 14, 2010

Play me a jazz chord!

When I saw Tuilaepa's comment to John Campbell, it made me laugh.
He was quoted as saying to the TV 3 media man "John, I call the tune"

It reminded me of a certain episode on Tauese Boulevard (:

A man from Vaiala (hahah, true story Ulalei)...he was drinking at the Jazz Festival and he turned to the band and said:
"Give me a jazz chord"
The visiting musician from New Orleans was sooo impressed with this Vaiala's man's musical knowledge  and asked:
"What chord was that sir?"
And Ulalei's uncle responded:
"You know, a jazz chord!
A jazz chord, to say, I love you,,..
and I mean it from the bottom of my heart"

okay, not funny, chus kidding, back to work. fa loa.


nshm said...

se malo fai faagogo! lol

ulalei said...

Shhh faapa age lou ulu i se mea malo! Ai loga e ke iloa o le au Ulalei le pestest engrish sbeakas!

Lou mouf!

Goddess said...

hahaha, jokes Ulalei, I was trying to figure out Miss NYC's village but have no idea so I settled for Vaiala. PLUS, you are from a family of musical just sit back and play me a jazz chord. lol