Saturday, November 13, 2010

Personalities on Bookfacials

So, because of my write up, ive been avoiding FB, just so I could stop nosing into my friends lives and their friends lives (which is not unlike what a certain Malie girl does as well hahah we must be related).
But being away and popping in ever so briefly is refreshing and also reminds me that some things are best kept to yourself.
FB is really exposing people's personalities - in their updates, their open discussions and their venting. (...what? why you looking at me like that for?).
Some people just enjoy being dramatic.
Others play it cool.
And controversial. (hmm, check more often)
Or just downright - pathetic (click unfriend, hah).
But most of all, I wonder if FB is becoming too much of an irrelevant outlet for some people?
Where they say things that they dont have the Balls to say in reality?
Whatever the case, I just want to say.,
I'm sick of FB at the moment, and i will stay deactivated until someone contacts me about any juicy bits of faikakala- only reallly juicy bits okay!
ia, sei alu mama e struuudddyyy..
ua latalata mai lava le due date o le submission Aue Iesu e alofa mai~!


ulalei said...

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let's start a revolution against FB! hahaha... I gotta say, I've had one or two and not more moments of whoa-that-woulda-been-a-good-status-update! LOL

Anyhoo, keep up the great work on your thesis!!! Here's to the last leg girl! xoxoxoxoxox

Goddess said...

FB haters annonymous much? haha.
and thanx for the thought... although i wouldn't say, last leg, but more last legs unless its a really giant leap to the finish line... positive energy. ..ooooommmmm...i can do it, i can do it..yes please i can! fai mai ai Obama

kuaback said...

me too me sick of it too...dis-frickin-tracting...
revolution against FB..
and good luck on the thesis..those are your

Goddess said...

wow - three die hard FB fanatics are going off their habit ..hmmm...wonder when the withdrawal symptoms come thru.
...and heck yeah, I am TEMPTED to update and see what's up but NO WAY...not going there!

thanks kuaback, I need the luck, lungs and the whole nine sucks being knocked up though coz my write up sessions are short lived and I can't drink red bull or v or much caffeine to keep me up.

Shark Girl said...

Well if you notice...or maybe not...I'm not so much of a fervent FB addict as I used to be. Kind of like cutting down on on my drinking from 5 glasses to 4. Per hour. Lol. But I hear you on the irrelevant outlet. It's quite tiring going through all of that. Hence I am now only on FB to snoop on pics. Ioe that Malie girl poo ai? Haha.

reesa said...

awoi...malo shark girl. faakoa vaai aku ia oe.

thing with status updates, im guilty of updating regularly...well, sometimes. you know, when you get that feeling that you JUST WANT THE WORLD TO KNOW WHATS HAPPENING AND OFFER THEIR TWO PENNIES. Pe'a le avagoa ga o dr. eeda po'o dr. nell for a venting session!