Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mama's here

Mother dearest is here, thus the virtual silence from my end.
She arrived from Fiji for a wee break before going back to Sadramas in a days time.
Frenchy and MM drove up to the airport to pick her up.
Really, I just wanted to make sure she was taken away from the Auckdramas.
For some reason, some people associate my mother with 'unloaded their problems'.
To the point where we (her churens) have to put up with the dramas in her absence.
A week before she arrived, I received several calls from her relations asking "O afea e kauguu mai ai lou kiga?". Mind you, this is not a call to see her and have a happy friendly chat. heck no.
So they start telling me their dramas - most of which are related to ahem -village matters spanning from fagua ma suafa, kusiga igoa, faaulufalegas and the whole faalavelave she'boom'.
I am tempted to ask, "Why don't you get your butt back to your village and leave to solve your own dramas?"
I mean, this is what I HATE about our culture, there is so much attention given to faalavelaves and shit, I wish the same attention was given to their own families, children's education and so forth.
Anyhow, so far so good.
I have switched off all the phones and made sure no one gets to her for a change.
she's here on her grandma duties thank you, so back up with your problemos and seek professional help.
Sometimes they need to grow up and deal with their own issues, if not, hop on the next Forum Samoa and go back to the village.
Blimmin shats.


ulalei said...

Awww alofa aku i si ou shmum!!! I'm sure she'll enjoy the quiet time spent with MM! :)

Goddess said...

...hah- 4 hours with MM and she was knocked out ua lelava kali fesili! yeah, its good shes home - lots of talk and no sreep hah, now im fia moe at work.