Sunday, November 07, 2010

Making crepes by accident

MM is going through a pagikeke phase...(not Henry pancake but pancake nevertheless).
She knows the ingredients off by heart and the measurements, but tends to add on when my back is turned.
We'll last Thursday, we skyped with CJ in the kitchen while we were prepping the mix and while I was at the sink, she added more milk. A lot of milk.
I know this because CJ alerted me via Skype that she just poured in about 2 cups of milk.
When I told MM that that's enough, she retorted, "But it wasn't much!"
She's forgotten about Aunty dobbing her in.
Anyhow, because we had excess milk, I added some more flour and an egg to sorta balance things out.
The most amazing thing happened, our pagikekes turned out more like crepes....straight off the streets of Montmarte!
It was an amazing and unexpected feat!!!

Because of yesterday's accidental discovery, I got the proper recipe for making crepes from the MIL, along with help from some American chef via Youtube. Thank you (:
We did everything right Except the leave the mix in the fridge for 1 hour.
Je suis désolé madame, we don't do "waiting for an hour". We cook, We eat. We no wait.
As it turns out, our crepes turned out like,..
Pagikeke mafolafola, straight out of Falefia's sefe pagikeke at Salelologa market...
but, without the lololo oil and the sweetness.
Fail fail.

MM asked me what we were making and I decided to do the honourable thing and be truthful:
"Baby girl, just stir the away and whatever comes out, is what we eat ..only God knows"
Pagicrepe much?

Next culinary adventure: cannelonis (which does depend on the crepes coming out right, *sighs*)

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