Monday, November 08, 2010

Hmmm, what did i forget...somethings bugging me....what is is???

So the big "pathetic" news this week in that itumalo of Samoa, Otara is about a cute 2 year old who was lost at the Otara Markets on Saturday.
No big deal right?
Kids get lost in the crowds all the time.
But not really like this.
This 2 year old got lost and NOBODY was looking for her on that day, that night, the following day (Sunday) and it was only after a major public appeal on tv and radio that the stupid mother and aunt when to the Police to claim the child at 6:30pm.
Now - before I even looked further into this news item in the weekend, I already was shuddering with disgust because deep down, I just knew that it would be a Pacific person, and Most likely a Samoan mother. (but secretly hoping its a Maoli or a Niuean huh)
Hate me if you must for saying this but this reeks of Pacific stupidity.
I can just imagine, the stupid mother goes to the taro stand, picked 5 taros, grabs the cabbage, adjusts her ie lavalava and mouths off to her cousins cousins brother about the bingo that night and all the while walking to the car to head off to the pokies. but forget the child altogether, because she already has 7 at home, whats another kid to the lot.

Bloody idiot. All these stupid people should get their tubes tied.
Click here for the skoli
In other equally suicidal news, its kaulaga on Sunday, so if you're an offspring or a victim of a certain denominator. I feel your pain and more so, your lo$$. If you still have faith after your offering, I admire you truly for your selfless courage and sheer determination. Bless you my child.
Remember, your blessings will come hundredfold - maybe not in this lifetime and not in the size that you ordered or maybe not at all, but hey...kalosia ia i mu lega kaulaga.
Eh, I wanna be a Bahai or a LDS convert this week.



nshm said...

OMG so bad about the 2 year old!

LV said...

Ia a tie foi ga tubes, e gogoa se'i ae le makua gogoa u! ...hahaha.. wonder if she did it on purpose, kia'i o si kamaikiiki ...vaai ae ave i china e lelei e pule ai le malo i le dept lega ...
about the kaulaga, lafo au mea i le vai, after many dayz e le koe maua mai...haha..hey, i'm ready to papatizo ..LOL!!..aua ua too late ga don se habit o kakou aea? ...

reesa said...

Ia a gogoa tubes e kakau ga makuai fai kamaiki ia aoga ile faiga o le kaulaga! Lol!

Lani Wendt Young said...

I hear you abt the 2 yr old. Me too - shuddering cos i JUST KNEW it would be a Samoan aiga...just knew it! Shame. Disgust. Am i racist or just plain ole know too much abt this blog.

Goddess said...

hmmm, does that make us all "self-racists"...are we our own worst enemies? kailo se,

malo reesa - ga la - sooga kafai aua e aoga mo le faiga o feau (: