Tuesday, November 16, 2010

You dumbass coconut. (cue to ata leo tele)

So, Litea Ah Hoi has done it again.

What's in a name?
By which we call a dumbass coconut but any other name would sound as bad?

You don't call someone a dumbass coconut (on a public forum), offend her and then consider it funny.
Unless you are Tofiga and Ete saying "you coconut" or David Fane calling Oscar Knightley a baldy coconut, but when a High profile Labour die hard Pacific advocate calls another Pacific person a dumbass coconut and then say she didn't mean it, thats what you call a popo masa.,
That's a key word, look it up.
Full interview with Litea Ah Hoi - Politics - Video - 3 News

1 comment:

nshm said...

its called Pacific humour... right the dumbass coconut *falls down laughing*