Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Eating disorder

Personal news to break the drone of pathetic political news to follow:
I officially have an eating disorder.I woke up early to boil eggs and prepare yummy sammies (its part of our credit crunch strategic plans towards our properity goals 2011 clause 5 bar 211:12) for the household.
Then I had one for breaky.
Got the two housemates to eat trusty ol' Skippys cornflakes (thank you New World coupons)
Hopped in the car with my apple and 2 yummy sammies.
20 minutes later, arrived to uni, humming to Grant and Polly's chit chat.
Grabbed the lunch box and auoi kafefe!
I inhaled my lunch between St Andrews and the uni car park.
Argh, I am such a tiau!
so there you go:
I have an eating disorder.

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reesa said...

Nice, abort FB and go hard out with the blog. Good for me (evil laugh) but not good for the thesis! (cough cough)

Distractions much?

Alofa atu...