Thursday, November 25, 2010

C'mon Samoan voters, change is possible..look at Tonga!

Wow - 10 years ago we'd never have thought the Tongan majority could shake off the nobility stronghold, but, yesterday, ..THEY DID IT!
17 seats to the commoners, 9 to the finally, democracy has washed up on Tongan shores.

Just think about it, if Tonga can do it, why can't Samoa?
For starters, we don't have an inspirational and level headed Akilisi Pohiva.
We only have half-arsed revolutionaries who, in the words of Mrs Tufuga "are like empty vessels that go clang clang in the wind".
Our last hope and veteral MP who could have been the peoples voice of reason - just switched to HRPP.
Only one lone ranger without no back ups.

We don't have a recent tragic event that killed many due to a Government's inability to care for its people, like the Princess Ashika....something traumatic enough that it severed traditional alliegances with the Nobles.

But wouldn't you say that the road switch, tsunami response, shot gun land and titles bill and other decisions tragic enough?
well then, maybe we are okay after all.
We don't need change.
We have food on the table (albeit its mafu). We have magnificent buildings, wharves and roads as a show of our prosperity and modern progress.
Maybe, we are not doing so bad after all.

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