Thursday, November 18, 2010

Am i on the same page or waaay off?

I'm reading an article in Samoa Observer about the new DMO office and it says:

Disasters, such as last year’s devastating tsunami, will hopefully be avoided in the future with the opening of the new Disaster Management Office.

Is this implying that setting up the office will prevent a tsunami? maybe i'm reading it wrongly perhaps. Most likely.
Or...unless it means that through the work of DMO, the "effects" of the disaster will be avoided as there will be a quicker response? umm me don't know...ahhh, thats right, because it wouldn't have been a disaster if people and livelihoods were not affected.
or maybe i need to get my head checked. sorry about the blabbering.
I like this editorial by Savea - (since it dont bother with the other editorials, soooooo boring) about Stui and John Campbell. I am still baffled by the image of our PM climbing up 5 steps at Govt Building, let along a mountain?
 I can tell you now, If Stui can make it up that mountain, I will admire him, I will be his number one supporter and I will jump up and down, get me a monkey, bend at the knees, throw on my backpack, punch my fists and sing:

"We did it! we did it! We climbed the tallest mountain!" Dora the Explorer


ulalei said...

Eh what happened to the HRPP-pro blog! LOL.

Wanted to faikakala on it as I had my suspicions as to who it is! hehe

Lani Wendt Young said...

LOL am lovin the Dora the Explorer link-in there. Esp since thats the biggest addiction in our house...

Goddess said...

ulalei, my post lasted about 2 hours and i got attacked by a moega prolly better to blog about my diet and my bad hair do from here on, hah.
Lani - if I could have one wish, it would be to burn all Dora related dvds, backpacks, books, everything - my daughter is nuts about it..shes even decided she speaks 'spanich' and says "Ola! im Dora" way too often.