Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Tokelau trio are alive!

This is such wonderful news of survival.
I needed this this week,
Theres just been way too much drama and loss and sadness.
The three boys have already had their funeral memorials...what a beautiful thing, sruvival.

read story here

C'mon Samoan voters, change is possible..look at Tonga!

Wow - 10 years ago we'd never have thought the Tongan majority could shake off the nobility stronghold, but, yesterday, ..THEY DID IT!
17 seats to the commoners, 9 to the finally, democracy has washed up on Tongan shores.

Just think about it, if Tonga can do it, why can't Samoa?
For starters, we don't have an inspirational and level headed Akilisi Pohiva.
We only have half-arsed revolutionaries who, in the words of Mrs Tufuga "are like empty vessels that go clang clang in the wind".
Our last hope and veteral MP who could have been the peoples voice of reason - just switched to HRPP.
Only one lone ranger without no back ups.

We don't have a recent tragic event that killed many due to a Government's inability to care for its people, like the Princess Ashika....something traumatic enough that it severed traditional alliegances with the Nobles.

But wouldn't you say that the road switch, tsunami response, shot gun land and titles bill and other decisions tragic enough?
well then, maybe we are okay after all.
We don't need change.
We have food on the table (albeit its mafu). We have magnificent buildings, wharves and roads as a show of our prosperity and modern progress.
Maybe, we are not doing so bad after all.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My thoughts are with the families and loved ones of the Pike River men.

I'm thinking of the bride-to-be, who is a few weeks away from walking down the aisle.
The expectant mother.
The mother. The father.
Brother. Sister.
Uncle. Friend.
Loved ones.
What a tragic loss.

I remain blindly hopeful that someone down there is alive, waiting to be rescued.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mama's here

Mother dearest is here, thus the virtual silence from my end.
She arrived from Fiji for a wee break before going back to Sadramas in a days time.
Frenchy and MM drove up to the airport to pick her up.
Really, I just wanted to make sure she was taken away from the Auckdramas.
For some reason, some people associate my mother with 'unloaded their problems'.
To the point where we (her churens) have to put up with the dramas in her absence.
A week before she arrived, I received several calls from her relations asking "O afea e kauguu mai ai lou kiga?". Mind you, this is not a call to see her and have a happy friendly chat. heck no.
So they start telling me their dramas - most of which are related to ahem -village matters spanning from fagua ma suafa, kusiga igoa, faaulufalegas and the whole faalavelave she'boom'.
I am tempted to ask, "Why don't you get your butt back to your village and leave to solve your own dramas?"
I mean, this is what I HATE about our culture, there is so much attention given to faalavelaves and shit, I wish the same attention was given to their own families, children's education and so forth.
Anyhow, so far so good.
I have switched off all the phones and made sure no one gets to her for a change.
she's here on her grandma duties thank you, so back up with your problemos and seek professional help.
Sometimes they need to grow up and deal with their own issues, if not, hop on the next Forum Samoa and go back to the village.
Blimmin shats.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Am i on the same page or waaay off?

I'm reading an article in Samoa Observer about the new DMO office and it says:

Disasters, such as last year’s devastating tsunami, will hopefully be avoided in the future with the opening of the new Disaster Management Office.

Is this implying that setting up the office will prevent a tsunami? maybe i'm reading it wrongly perhaps. Most likely.
Or...unless it means that through the work of DMO, the "effects" of the disaster will be avoided as there will be a quicker response? umm me don't know...ahhh, thats right, because it wouldn't have been a disaster if people and livelihoods were not affected.
or maybe i need to get my head checked. sorry about the blabbering.
I like this editorial by Savea - (since it dont bother with the other editorials, soooooo boring) about Stui and John Campbell. I am still baffled by the image of our PM climbing up 5 steps at Govt Building, let along a mountain?
 I can tell you now, If Stui can make it up that mountain, I will admire him, I will be his number one supporter and I will jump up and down, get me a monkey, bend at the knees, throw on my backpack, punch my fists and sing:

"We did it! we did it! We climbed the tallest mountain!" Dora the Explorer

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Eating disorder

Personal news to break the drone of pathetic political news to follow:
I officially have an eating disorder.I woke up early to boil eggs and prepare yummy sammies (its part of our credit crunch strategic plans towards our properity goals 2011 clause 5 bar 211:12) for the household.
Then I had one for breaky.
Got the two housemates to eat trusty ol' Skippys cornflakes (thank you New World coupons)
Hopped in the car with my apple and 2 yummy sammies.
20 minutes later, arrived to uni, humming to Grant and Polly's chit chat.
Grabbed the lunch box and auoi kafefe!
I inhaled my lunch between St Andrews and the uni car park.
Argh, I am such a tiau!
so there you go:
I have an eating disorder.

SUNGO, pack your bags, you're fired.

SUNGO has been given an eviction notice from Stui. I think this is a good thing.
What did SUNGO expect? Get special treatment from Stui?
They have been the thorn on his side during the road switch, the land bill, casino bill, prisons and numerous other issues that have been dictated by HRPP.
Remember Parliament has no spine - no Opposition -just yes men? now NGOs have to be the people's representative and the bones in Stui's faiai pusi.
SUNGO staying in that Government property (albeit rotting) was meant to be hush money.
Stui said it himself a few months ago when he said that SUNGO should be grateful for the Government support through the rental. In other words, "dont bite the hand that feeds you NGOs"
This is a good thing for good governance in Samoa.
It shows that NGOs will openly advocate for their members irrespective of personal gain and political retribution.
SUNGO should build their own premises, free of Government strench.
Good luck SUNGO - and keep up the great work of speaking for our peoples of the land of coconuts and honey, no one else is doing that, (bar Talatonu in Parliament?).
On a side note, why is Stui being pricky about a lousy Government house? Have you seen the state of the rest of the Government houses around the Hospital and Fagalii, which many are actually vacant? They are rotting!

You dumbass coconut. (cue to ata leo tele)

So, Litea Ah Hoi has done it again.

What's in a name?
By which we call a dumbass coconut but any other name would sound as bad?

You don't call someone a dumbass coconut (on a public forum), offend her and then consider it funny.
Unless you are Tofiga and Ete saying "you coconut" or David Fane calling Oscar Knightley a baldy coconut, but when a High profile Labour die hard Pacific advocate calls another Pacific person a dumbass coconut and then say she didn't mean it, thats what you call a popo masa.,
That's a key word, look it up.
Full interview with Litea Ah Hoi - Politics - Video - 3 News

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Play me a jazz chord!

When I saw Tuilaepa's comment to John Campbell, it made me laugh.
He was quoted as saying to the TV 3 media man "John, I call the tune"

It reminded me of a certain episode on Tauese Boulevard (:

A man from Vaiala (hahah, true story Ulalei)...he was drinking at the Jazz Festival and he turned to the band and said:
"Give me a jazz chord"
The visiting musician from New Orleans was sooo impressed with this Vaiala's man's musical knowledge  and asked:
"What chord was that sir?"
And Ulalei's uncle responded:
"You know, a jazz chord!
A jazz chord, to say, I love you,,..
and I mean it from the bottom of my heart"

okay, not funny, chus kidding, back to work. fa loa.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Personalities on Bookfacials

So, because of my write up, ive been avoiding FB, just so I could stop nosing into my friends lives and their friends lives (which is not unlike what a certain Malie girl does as well hahah we must be related).
But being away and popping in ever so briefly is refreshing and also reminds me that some things are best kept to yourself.
FB is really exposing people's personalities - in their updates, their open discussions and their venting. (...what? why you looking at me like that for?).
Some people just enjoy being dramatic.
Others play it cool.
And controversial. (hmm, check more often)
Or just downright - pathetic (click unfriend, hah).
But most of all, I wonder if FB is becoming too much of an irrelevant outlet for some people?
Where they say things that they dont have the Balls to say in reality?
Whatever the case, I just want to say.,
I'm sick of FB at the moment, and i will stay deactivated until someone contacts me about any juicy bits of faikakala- only reallly juicy bits okay!
ia, sei alu mama e struuudddyyy..
ua latalata mai lava le due date o le submission Aue Iesu e alofa mai~!

Coconuts from Samoa, at a shop near you (:

Want a scent of Samoa in your cool corner of the world? Go to The Body Shop and buy any coconut product. Samoa is the ONLY coconut oil supplier (and is certified) for the company and the deal is done through Community Trade and with assistance from Oxfam. ...and, youre helping a Samoan family help themselves. ...hmmm, another Christmas gift idea, for yourself (: read more about the products made from the Samoan coconut here

Monday, November 08, 2010

Hmmm, what did i forget...somethings bugging me....what is is???

So the big "pathetic" news this week in that itumalo of Samoa, Otara is about a cute 2 year old who was lost at the Otara Markets on Saturday.
No big deal right?
Kids get lost in the crowds all the time.
But not really like this.
This 2 year old got lost and NOBODY was looking for her on that day, that night, the following day (Sunday) and it was only after a major public appeal on tv and radio that the stupid mother and aunt when to the Police to claim the child at 6:30pm.
Now - before I even looked further into this news item in the weekend, I already was shuddering with disgust because deep down, I just knew that it would be a Pacific person, and Most likely a Samoan mother. (but secretly hoping its a Maoli or a Niuean huh)
Hate me if you must for saying this but this reeks of Pacific stupidity.
I can just imagine, the stupid mother goes to the taro stand, picked 5 taros, grabs the cabbage, adjusts her ie lavalava and mouths off to her cousins cousins brother about the bingo that night and all the while walking to the car to head off to the pokies. but forget the child altogether, because she already has 7 at home, whats another kid to the lot.

Bloody idiot. All these stupid people should get their tubes tied.
Click here for the skoli
In other equally suicidal news, its kaulaga on Sunday, so if you're an offspring or a victim of a certain denominator. I feel your pain and more so, your lo$$. If you still have faith after your offering, I admire you truly for your selfless courage and sheer determination. Bless you my child.
Remember, your blessings will come hundredfold - maybe not in this lifetime and not in the size that you ordered or maybe not at all, but hey...kalosia ia i mu lega kaulaga.
Eh, I wanna be a Bahai or a LDS convert this week.


Sunday, November 07, 2010

Making crepes by accident

MM is going through a pagikeke phase...(not Henry pancake but pancake nevertheless).
She knows the ingredients off by heart and the measurements, but tends to add on when my back is turned.
We'll last Thursday, we skyped with CJ in the kitchen while we were prepping the mix and while I was at the sink, she added more milk. A lot of milk.
I know this because CJ alerted me via Skype that she just poured in about 2 cups of milk.
When I told MM that that's enough, she retorted, "But it wasn't much!"
She's forgotten about Aunty dobbing her in.
Anyhow, because we had excess milk, I added some more flour and an egg to sorta balance things out.
The most amazing thing happened, our pagikekes turned out more like crepes....straight off the streets of Montmarte!
It was an amazing and unexpected feat!!!

Because of yesterday's accidental discovery, I got the proper recipe for making crepes from the MIL, along with help from some American chef via Youtube. Thank you (:
We did everything right Except the leave the mix in the fridge for 1 hour.
Je suis désolé madame, we don't do "waiting for an hour". We cook, We eat. We no wait.
As it turns out, our crepes turned out like,..
Pagikeke mafolafola, straight out of Falefia's sefe pagikeke at Salelologa market...
but, without the lololo oil and the sweetness.
Fail fail.

MM asked me what we were making and I decided to do the honourable thing and be truthful:
"Baby girl, just stir the away and whatever comes out, is what we eat ..only God knows"
Pagicrepe much?

Next culinary adventure: cannelonis (which does depend on the crepes coming out right, *sighs*)

The most dangerous cake recipe in the world

Miss NYC, here's the 5 minute beauty....sorry, i removed it a while back...but here it is:...but for really yummy choc muffins, ask kuaback....or please visit your nearest bakery.

fank you much.

Here's the 5 minute choc cake recipe - we tried it this morning and it was...yummy!!!!

4 tablespoons self raising flour
4 tablespoons sugar
2 tablespoons cocoa
1 egg
3 tablespoons milk
3 tablespoons oil
3 tablespoons chocolate chips (optional) A small splash of vanilla essence
1 large coffee mug

Add dry ingredients to your largest mug and mix well. Add the egg and mix thoroughly. Pour in the milk and oil and mix well. Add the chocolate chips (if using), vanilla essence, then mix again.

Put your mug in the microwave and cook for 3 minutes at 1000 watts (high).
The cake will rise over the top of the mug, but don't be alarmed!
Allow to cool a little, and tip out onto a plate if desired.

EAT! (this can serve 2 if you want to feel slightly more virtuous).
And why is this the most dangerous cake recipe in the world?
Because now you are only 5 minutes away from chocolate cake at any time of the day or night!

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Miss South Pacific Pageant 2010

The winner will be Miss PNG, but love you to bits Miss Tres Joli!!!

Friday, November 05, 2010

skip this post, i'm just ranting away to meself.

Radius Doctor
MM has been sick the last 4 days, her eczema/asthma has been back with a vengance.
So we headed to the Doctor for another stash of drugs but because we didnt make an appoihntment, we were referred to the Drop In doctor at Radius.
This is the 4th time we've see this same character in the last 4 weeks. He never recalled who we are, fair enough, he sees hundreds of people. but, each time we see the guy, I have to explain the problems, etc etc and EVERY time, I tell him the Aqueous cream that should be helping, ISN'T.
so he recommends the next one up: (Hydrocortizone ?? + moisturiser): DOESN'T WORK.
and then he suggests the steroid cream, which is a last resort for her.
I nod my head blankly and accept his prescription of the SAME drugs that I have in the cupboard, all of which DO NOT WORK but still try.
I thank the guy and he looks a bit dazed and said "Well, its a shitty time of the year, so she might have hay fever too, heres some antihystemine to help with that"
We walk away with our long shopping list of meds - went to Pharmacist, who was a little concerned about amount of stuff we're giving her., he called the Doctor, and both agree to remove the steroid cream, since it doesn't work. DUH!
When we got home, I opened the bag of stuff and the one thing she needs most is missing, the ventolin for the asthma: THE INITIAL REASON FOR OUR VISIT TO THE DOCTOR.
I called Radius, and explained, this is just a repeat prescription.
They said, just come into the Pharmacy, they'll have it on the system.
We drove back, went to Pharmacist, and he tells me "No, you have to see a Doctor"
"I did"
"Well, this isn't an emergency, so please see the Doctor or maybe the nurse for a print out of prescriptn"
We walk back to Radius, sat for 40 minutes, then the Nurse comes over, looks at MM breifly.
Asked some questions and walked off.
20 minutes later, she comes back
"sorry, you have to see the doctor, he won't sign the prescription without see your daughter"
"Whose the doctor?"
"The Drop in Doctor, Dr D. D"
"We did see him earlier, and explained EVERYTHING- he should have prescribed the ventolin, its just a repeat"
"No, you have to see Dr D. D again"
We were talken to another waiting area, 20 - 30  minutes later.
Dr. D. D sees us, and asks "How can I help you?"
I explained etc etc...and he has no idea who we are!
After explaining ourselves for the 4th time in a day (and twice to the same bastard), he slowly "registers" us and signs the prescription.
Who do I contact about the possibility that a practicing GP in New Zealand may be HIGH on drugs?

k,...Last rant:
I got up early (for a Sat, 8:30am), made meself a packed lunch: a yummy Vogel sandwich, plus tub of Meadow Fresh 99% fat free yogurt, 3 juicy and most likely GMO strawberries from NW and a thermos of earl grey tea for my study session. I packed everything in a separate bag and went to give MM a cuddle.
Then, Ihopped in the car.
I got to uni, and realised.
I forgot my blimmin healthy lunch.
So I just came back from Four Square with a bag of Rashuns, coke, Dr Pepper and Hersheys Cookies n Creme.
I'm disgusting, I know.
Now run along now before I burb.

Like i said, I'm ranting, so go to Jandal Print's blog for some inspiration or something, or Samoa Observer, I'd have happily suggested Swiss Hamo but she's also ranting today. Good luck finding inspiration, hah.

Lani, I give you these:

IF, and you give me a coupla these:

                                                                   Fair deal me thinks (: 

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

The Mystery of the Joyita

We used to watch this when it aired on Televise Samoa back in the day, so am very thrillied to rediscover it on TP: check it out, the dissapearance of the Joyita:
check it out here, first part and
part two, lol, i didn't realise that's Rico playing the guitar! slow much today, heh...and i love that the men's shorts where ultra short, hahaha, they def didn't do measurements before the reenactment me thinks.
no, I am seriously mystified by this event.
I still reckon the Captain is the culprit.

Monday, November 01, 2010

Tuilaepa Sailele in the red corner, John Campell in the blue, ding ding dong.

Amended 3 November (:

OMG, I am soooo embarrassed about the John Campbell story from last night. What a shame!
John Campbell went back to Samoa as a follow up of his initial story about where the tsunami funds have gone. He was meant to interview Tuilaepa but due to some sort of miscommunication, the meeting time didn't work out. Sadly. And John Campbell used this opportunity to destroy any remaining credibility left for the Government of Samoa. (eh, you google the background story)

My issues are these:

Why is there such a worrying discrepancy between donation estimates, by the PM versus the report issued by his Ministry?

Why is the PM handling these enquiries when it should be the Ministry involved? Doesn't this reveal his lack of trust in his own govt employees?

Why did John Campbell get so dramatic about the change of interview time when he could have just adjusted to the new time? (and he'll say, Coz he's worth it, pugi). what a primadonna! If he really wanted the interview he should have stayed.

Why didn't John Campbell email Stui directly? Stui did ask him last night "Have you got my email?"
JC said: "Yes"
Stui: "well, you've got my email" lol.

What can 10 minutes of interview time achieve for John Campbell?
Well, according to Stui, it will be amble time to explain the funds, and then he will show JC to all the villages affected by the tsunami. Dayum, Supermaaaaaaaaaaan!

Does the PM have bodyguards or security or a liaison who can speak, intervene for him? Especially when he is rudely confronted by the media after hours? Stui dug his own grave when he kept responding. He should have hopped in his left hand drive and sped off. What a Public Relations 101 blunder.

Stui has a point, JC needed to show some respact. His confrontational approach is not very nice.
But on the same note, forgetting where $120 million tala went is pretty bad manners.

John needs to be respectful of his environment and the people or culture he goes into. Just because he is a well known tv personality in NZ doesn't give him the right to be a dickhead with others, let alone a matai Samoa. There are ways to do things. In Samoa, you show respect, you talk, decide a time and meet, read up on "talanoa".
Can you imagine Savea going up to John Key and shoving a mic and camera in his face? Demanding where the leaky building cash has gone? VERY UNLIKELY.

Of course, this report is sensationalized to the day, and JC is milking the opportunities to rubbish the efforts of many. BUT, I am glad this has happened.

It's not like we can expect exceptional (and sensational) journalism that probe further from within Samoa itself. Samoa Observer can only be sued for so often before they have to say sorry every 5 seconds.

Whatever the case, let's not forget the nature of our lovely peoples of the sun, if you ask someone how they are, despite their blessings they will say "Eh! mea masagi lava". Very rarely will you hear a "Well, I am very happy today and very very grateful for my brick house, box of clothes, boxes of pisupo and a brand new toilet" Yeah right.

But I still am left with the question, Where is the money?

And then some more, "Will this be his fall from grace? How many more of these blunders before we can really say, "something stinks bad, something gotta change?"

Here is the link to the John Campbell follow up of the tsunami story.

I like this person's perspective, its sooo true! and the media heavy response from Cafe Pacific

and there's always two sides to the story, read the PM's side at Samoa Observer .

I'm curious to know what Tupuola Terry Tavita's view is on all this, hmmm....c'mon Savali newspaper, get out of prehistory and go online!