Saturday, October 09, 2010

Popping my buttons

I'm at that stage where I completely forget its bad manners to:

- Unbutton my stretchy pants and continue working as usual.
(until my Muslim male colleague suggests I tuck in my gut before going to meet people).

- burb unannounced and in public because its a natural reflex.

- rub my tummy at the most inoptune moments

- go to the toilet 6 times in 3 hours just to wee trickles, and then discuss it during lunch.

- eat all the food off the delicate plate at the delicate function, including the salmon, sushi and everything I shouldn't eat.

- Discuss birth stories at above function with other women, including what came first and how sex is a distant concept.

Aside for these mishaps, I am a very well mannered person (insert prompt to laugh at this point).

so...ten years later, so images from Samoa...well, we did take about 1800 pics altogether but I have only converted about 20. sowee.

Frenchy took this pic of one of the crew aboard the Gaualofa on their journey to Savaii.
Any keen navigators must do this.
 MM and her dolls got a fashion makeover compliments of Lagipoiva Couture, tres chic!
 Breakfast at Samoa Hidaway Resort, gorgeous beach, free kayaks, yummy breakfast included in fale price and mattress comes with a bed. 

 Frenchy asked me to take pic of this, don't ask

Frieda Kahlo and Miha

Gaualofa again

Sons of Samoa, Jerome Grey is still the man!
                                    The Papali'i boys at the new and gorgeous Tanoa Tusitala.
                                           Maeva, Petra, Ivana

Can you tell our family and contraception don't gel? lol....Barry, Vonne, Vetti, and their cousins Fiamaua and Fiona
                                 Mini Moelagi and Granma Moelagi
Life's tough for MM, Tanoa Tusitala Bar


                                  Samoa flag on vaa
  PPSEAWA Peace Dinner at Manumea with Aunty Joan.

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