Friday, October 08, 2010

October Update

All Knocked Up
It must be something in the water, there are five women around me who are pregnant.
Crazy stuff!
I have one work colleague who is due in November.
Two friends.
One on Guis work mates and also our friend.
And our canadian friend pregnant with twins.
I can't believe we are going through this all over again, the dirty nappies, mashed food, engorged breasts and all the chaos of having a newborn,
Aue kafefe!

We've moved office
We've moved office, we are no longer near the 'Village Green'.
We are now part of the Enrolment /Scholarships block.
Aside from myself and colleague who get lovely separate offices, the rest of our team have been dropped into a small open plan room with one window. Suckeeeyyy! lol.
My new colleagues are wonderful, they got us cookies yesterday.
The one thing I will miss terribly is Ulo's dairy downstairs where our office buys lollies to aid our 3:30itis everyday, haha.
..oh, and the Momento coffee.
But - I did claim a whole box of stamps for MM's kindy, which she now refuses to give to her kindy. All 46 stamps. I'll post a pic up from yesterday, she hid the stamps and walked out of her room with "Fast Post" on her arms and "DRAFT" &"True certified copy" on her legs.
Talk about cheap thrills a ea.
I should wrap up some stamps for her Christmas pressie, haha.
pugi, we're on a budget!

What else happened:
oh, Samoan news is all about:
 - Tsunami anniversary was dominated by Lani Young Wendt's book "Galu Afi" yourself one, its  beautiful, if not sad and tearful and heartfelt and so so so personal....i shouldn't read it now, I'm sobbing every 2 pages....wait till hormone attack eases.
 - The John Campbell report of lost monies for the tsunami
 - Angry respond to above by Stui and Misa
 - Misa's resignation and fall out with his constituency
 - Law Firms struck off LSA and their response.
 - Random shootings and burnings and what not...ya know, your usual Samoan paradise story.
 - Pageant wise, so far so good, no dramas, pregnancies, all in all, boring. Boring is good. hah.

k, manuia le weekend.

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kuaback said...

hahaha..Congratulations on getting knocked up must be preggo year...almost everyone around me is preggo...good luck with the dirty diapers to come..hehehe