Thursday, October 21, 2010

It's Friday. That means one thing only.

Me day!
Well, in a perfect world, it would be the day that I wake up at the crack of dawn and write brilliantly, non stop wisdom from my head to the laptop until my mind is spent and my thesis is a potential groundbreaking piece of work that Ban Ki Moon will quote endlessly.

Key word in above sentence is "in a perfect world".

In reality, MM and I slept in until 9am, then we woke up and played a game.
We stare at each other's face and the person who laughs first, loses.
The winner reward is being able to 'puka' the loser's cheeks.
(Yep - I'm a 3 year old like that, pugi).
Needless to say, MM loses and gets puka'd all the time, so she proposed a new rule this morning,..placing a pillow to cover half her face, in her attempt to suppress her laughter.
Epic fail.
And then I realised, it was 9:32am.
So we get out of bed, go through our morning prep routine and sit down at the table for cereal. Oops,
Ua uma le susu.
Damn it, so we had toast - with peanut butter.
She licks off the peanut butter and passes the now bare toast to me.
But hey, its a Friday, all the rules are out the window.
At 10am, we finally make our way out the door and over to Te Rapa Early Education Centre.
Then, just very calmly, I step out into the sunshine and declared happily;
"It's Friday, it's ME DAY!!!"

I didn't get to go shopping for by birthday last week, I was sick as a dog. But today is the start of Labour Weekend sales - and thats where my focus is at (thesis whaa?).
Frenchy asked me how much damage I anticipated on Mr MasterCard and I couldn't put a finger on the price.
(As I say this, half his head turns gray :-)

First stop - Bendon.
Everything instore is under $20. So for a change, I opt to buy the most expensive bras and briefs I came across,...because for today only, I Can. Yes I can, Obama!
Trouble is, I am 24 weeks ko, so my size is a bit of a gamble. So I bought different sizes. Because I'm worth it and because...I can.
Seven items later, I'd had enough. Thank God for my short attention span.

Next stop, Hannahs closing down sale, dirt cheap on every single item. At this point, the power of the toast has evaporated and I am tired. So I bought 3 pairs and walked back to the car.

I was about 10 steps from the vehicle when I saw the Max store advertisement.
It was at this point that I went from sensible shopping to buying a dress that I will wear-once-but-will-be-the-cause-of-a-heated-argument-with-other-half-about-senseless-spending.
But (I tell myself), its an argument I am prepared to endure, and feign guilt for, and apologise for, because even if I wear that dress for one day,
It will be worth it.
After all,
It's ME DAY.
There are some things money can't buy, for everything else, there's MasterCard (:


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